I am a wandering soul, confused about some of the tiniest things and often impulsive about the most crucial. I love reading, writing, and exploring new stuff - be it new places, cultures, or ideas. My soul derives meaning and inspiration from the 3 H's - History, Heritage, and the Himalayas. I live life with great zest and smile to keep all evils at bay.

Keeping a blog has always meant much more to me than just an outlet for my thoughts. It allows me to express all that I see, feel, think and observe. It has allowed me to forge an identity for myself. And, most importantly, when I look back at my older posts, it lets me look at my life from a whole new perspective. My writing style and range have improved over the years. From personal posts to writing on a variety of subjects that affect me, be it social responsibility, travel, books, food, music, poetry or fiction, I've been there, done it all, and continue to explore new territories. I have a small but beloved base of readers who keep me motivated to do better with my writing and never let me stay away from the blog for long. I thank them all for their support and presence.

I'm a Liberal Studies postgraduate with an absolute love for the written word. Besides blogging and a full-time day job, I moonlight as a content writer and editor. I've edited 7 full-length published works and written for a host of travel blogs, websites, and companies. I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting projects that I can add some value to.

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again."
- Joseph Campbell

This isn't just a blog. Its my home, my sacred space, my pen and paper, my outlet, the embodiment of my deepest thoughts.

Through this space, I take you along on the journey of my life.

Write to me for any business-related queries, opportunities, collaborations, or feedback on the content or layout of this blog at mahima.kohli@yif.ashoka.edu.in. 

Hope you have a happy reading experience!
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