Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A misplaced idea of love

A mistaken sense of belonging
A misplaced idea of love
Is it real, what I perceive as mine?
Who am I? Where do I belong?

Finding comfort in pages and words
Impervious to faces, voices, and noises
Am I estranged from the world?
Or am I lost to my mind?

Here today, gone tomorrow
Transience has been me eternally
Memories plague me, certainty evades me
How long will I live in ivory towers?

A beating heart, a twitching ear
An insomniac's urge to run
They ask, what is out there?
What beckons me to fly?

Flitting between physical spaces
No semblance of ground in sight
Have I left home forever?
Or am I homeward bound?

On the trail of a place under the sun
I've lost track of where I come from
Will anything ever tie me down?
Is there no cornerstone I will find?

And in the wake of every flight
In my heart will I always find
A mistaken sense of belonging
A misplaced idea of love?

© Mahima Kohli 2016
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