Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fun with family on a winter vacation in Goa

(A version of this travelogue was originally published by me on Askme on travel. Replicating here for my blog readers.)

Come winter, and the whole of North India heads southwards to get some much-needed sun. It was on such a cold January day in 2014 that my parents also decided to take us south of the Tropic of Cancer. And what place could be better than Goa to escape from the frigid Delhi winter?

On the first day of our vacation, we set out for North Goa, the first stop being Fort Aguada. It is most famous today as the fort where scenes from the movie Dil Chahta Hai were shot. The fort is expansive; the upper fort has beautiful bastions and a giant white lighthouse in one corner. The lower fort, visible from the Arabian Sea, was used to anchor Portuguese ships in the 17th century, but now serves as the Goan jail.