Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The singing duck (in my head)

Imagine a duck walking ahead of you, down the path in the neighbourhood park, crooning to itself in Daffy Duck's voice:

"Chala jaata hun, kisi ki dhun mein
Dhadakte dil ke taraane liye

Milan ki masti bhari aankhon mein
Hazaaron sapne suhaane liye" 

No, seriously, imagine that duck singing Kishore da's classic lines in its duck voice. Swaying its head from side to side, being all dude-like.

Now you know what's been going on in my head ever since I took this picture at Lake Park, INA. Am I insane, imaginative or stoned? Go figure.

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Sushmita said...

Hahahahahha! This one was pretty hilarious! No, really. :D