Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mumbai Magic - Here we go again!

A very happy new year, everyone!

I know I've been away for far too long to make an easy comeback. In the last one year, I have lived an entire lifetime staying in a hostel, giving countless number of exams, watching a lot of good movies, doing copious amounts of freelance writing and traveling extensively. And unlike last year, I refused to pull myself back this time round and made it a point to do whatever made me happy without pressuring myself too much. It was a tough yet largely satisfying year. But if there's one thing I haven't been able to do so far - that one regret - it is of not having written anything meaningful on my blog this whole time. And that has saddened me more with every passing day for an entire year.

I've come to realize that the more freelance work I've been doing - marketing, branding, travel, website content and anything else I get - the faster my brain has been losing its creative skills. I cannot remember the last time I wrote a really good, creative piece. My blog tagline reads, 'Fiction. Poetry. Books. Music. Travel. Photography. Love. Nostalgia. Sarcasm. Et al.' And yet there's none of that to be found on my blog anymore. I get story ideas often, but they seldom translate into blog posts. Even when they do, the translation is not half as good as I'd have liked it to be. Just too much of inertia has set in. I feel like my creative juices have run dry. And since I am rarely ever satisfied with my own work now, how can I expect anyone else to like it?  No wonder I've lost a majority of my readership too. All in the pursuit of a greater cause, a glorious career, I always reasoned.

But I am relatively free from studies now and would really like to revive my fledgling blog somehow. The question is, HOW? It seems like such a Herculean task now, with my own impossibly high expectations to meet. I need inspiration.

The year 2015 has been exceptionally kind to me so far - I've just come back from a delightful Mumbai sojourn and two more trips are in the pipeline for the coming weeks. So I thought, what better way to kick off my return than with a travelogue? Not just another run-of-the-mill travelogue, though (because that is just not how we roll). Starting tomorrow, I'll be posting one picture each day with a story or anecdote to accompany it. Through the lens of my camera, I'm going to try giving you all a glimpse into Mumbai the way I saw it and felt it. It might also give my tired blog a new lease of life. So just stay with me and keep feeding me back with what you think. Email me at, leave me a word at +Mahimaa Kohli or a tweet @mahimakohli. You could also catch me on Facebook. I could really use some encouragement right now.  So don't hesitate. Hit me up with your thoughts!

The Taj Mahal Palace and the Gateway of India - because what else could possibly symbolize Mumbai better than this classic duo?
P.S. I got a brand new Canon EOS 600D, so the pictures now are going to be better than ever. Yay! \^_^/

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