Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The top 5 things on my #WHATTHEBLACK List

BlogAdda has come up with the perfect contest theme for me to write about. #WHATTHEBLACK ! I have always had a special connect with the colour black. There was a time when my wardrobe was completely black. I always liked the mystery and elegance that anything black exudes. Over the years however I've come to realize how much the colour black has affected my personality and thoughts. I've since shifted on to a more colourful and vibrant attire and choice of colours in everything, but that irresistible appeal of Black remains.
So here it is - a list of five things, Black and Beautiful, that I wish for (and hopefully will have, sooner or later)!

1. A Black Rottweiler-Labrador mix

I know that's a pretty specific choice for a dog, but then you know me - I'm nothing if not particular in the things I want. I've wanted to bring a dog into the home (or four, if I had my way) ever since I first set my eyes upon one. I love all animals but I have a special, all-encompassing, overwhelming love for dogs. They're affectionate, caring, full of love and gratefulness, extremely intelligent and can make you a better person just by association. Even though I've never had my own pet dog, God knows just how many I have fed and petted over the years, and in myriad places too. As to my choice of breed, a mix between a Rottweiler and a Lab is the perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, versatility, companionship traits and affection. They're highly adventurous, confident and self-assuredly aloof too. Quite like me actually. Hence the ideal choice for me.

Overdose of cuteness! Need I say more?

2. A Black Audi A5 parked in my Garage
I know that's mighty materialistic. I should rather be wishing for world peace, a solution to the crises in the Middle East, a cure to AIDS and what not. And here I am, a responsible citizen, wishing for an Audi A5 to be parked out front.
But...then...it's an Audi...*inner monologue begins*
Gorgeous.......black.......smokin' hot......Audi......*breathing heavily*.........
Ahem ahem (someone clears throat).
*jolts back to reality*

But I really really want an Audi A5, for its sophisticated elan and all the power it packs. It is just so my kind of a ride! I promise I'll still be an equally responsible citizen (only, now with an Audi in her garage *wink*). I promise I'll take it out for a drive only every now and then, and with my entire family and the Rott-Lab pup in it (to save fuel). I also promise to keep it covered so I don't have to get it washed that often (to save water). And most importantly, I promise to love and cherish it, honour and sustain it, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. Aayi Shapatth!

3. A Black Rose
Yes, you read it alright. I want a black rose, or better still, an entire shrub of black roses in my backyard. This rare breed of roses has held my fascination right since my teen years when I first heard of its existence. The black rose has always been the subject of endless poetry and romanticism, for the sheer mystery and charm surrounding its beautiful black hue. For me, it also metaphorically breaks the myth that beauty stems from one's colour or complexion. If a black variant of a flower, which is most popularly accepted in its red form, can be as beautiful and even more, then surely colour is just another property. It doesn't define you. So for me a black rose is the perfect embodiment of natural and untainted beauty.

4. A Black Diamond Band
I've literally grown up listening to this not so age-old (and clearly capitalist-market-fabricated) adage that diamonds are a woman's best friends. They do give a woman some happiness and a sense of beauty - those shiny little things on a finger or neck can do wonders sometimes - but that's about it. If you can afford them, then it is highly probably that every third lady around you is wearing them too, so what's the big deal? Or maybe it's just me. I've never been one for conventions. I'd rather go for a majestic big black diamond set in a platinum band. :D Because black diamond isn't pure or pristine like its fairer cousin. It is an impure form of carbon and the hardest one at that. I almost feel like it was made out of the same mould as I, separated at the time of creation, only to meet again in this earthly realm. And so, let them propah ladies be happy with them white diamonds. I've met my match - in a shiny piece of black diamond.

5. A Black-themed recreation room
This one's always been the most important aspect of my dream home. A spacious, completely white painted room, with the entire east wall made of clear glass windows, preferably overlooking a ridge or a mountain. Furnished with plush recliners and lots of bean bags all in black. A giant black home theatre system with all the necessary sound equipment of the utmost quality (thinking, Bose maybe?) along the northern wall. A fully loaded bookshelf and a reading table to the west. And towards the other end of the room, a treadmill and an exercycle; probably a couple of other exercise equipment and a Yoga mat as well. Needless to say, all in black. That is my idea of the ideal recreation and gym room that I'd want to set up when I decorate my own home. A rejuvenating vision in pure Black and White, that motivates you to sweat it out in your leisure time without losing out on the leisure either. The perfect amalgam of architectural finesse, good health and recreation. Who doesn't want that kind of bliss, now?

I don't think my wishlist of black and beautiful things is completed yet. So till the next edition of #WHATTHEBLACK comes out, ciao folks and keep the love for black flowin'!

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