Monday, March 24, 2014

Friendship that lasts forever

It is probably a little too late to be sharing this now, but what the heck. I'll go ahead and do it anyway.

Remember how I've written time and again about my college bestie Rose (a.k.a Sushmita) - about all the times we've had and the amazing birthday surprises and holidays we've enjoyed together during our 4 years at engineering college? Ever since the course ended last year, we have seen lesser and lesser of each other, not for lack of trying though, but generally owing to our respective career and higher studies commitments. Yet, every time we do meet, it is like the "us" from college, all over again, only calmer and more mature. But everything else - saying the same things at the same time, reading each other's minds, gossiping about the people in our lives or crow-watching - remains pretty much the same.
So this past month, or maybe the month before that, during this particular spate of a few free days I had, I went over to her blog to read up on all she'd written that I had missed because of my exam. A while later, after a handful of interesting reads, I came across a post that took my breath away for a good two seconds. It was a post that had won her the Runner-up prize in an Indiblogger contest. But that's not the part that took the breath away.

Apparently the post was about me. Entirely. About. ME.

It was a poignant little post recounting the most significant moments from our years together at college by means of the reproduction of a few of her diary entries over the months (that I never even knew for certain she wrote so regularly). The first time we sat together, our first college fest, mad stalking of crushes, birthday surprises, our one and only holiday trip together, the time she broke her leg - it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane, taking me back to all those years we'd spent together having the time of our lives. It was beautiful. Have a look at it here.

I revisited her blog again tonight and reread the entire post. It still makes me nostalgic and at the same time blush. It is indeed the perfect ode to our friendship, or rather, to the first four years of it. Because, despite all hardships and ups and downs, some friendships do last forever. To us, and to the longevity of our friendship. Amen.


Rahul Gaba said...

Friends (esp the few whom we tag as best ones) are really special...don't loose them ever amidst crazy worldly affairs!
But, "crow-watching"? really??? :P I wonder how interesting is that! ;)

Sushmita said...

The thing we share is here to stay for a long time to come! :)