Saturday, August 3, 2013

Freeze your senses!

I return to writing today, after about 3 weeks, with something entirely new - a product review aside from books - a first for this blog.

Wrapped in resplendence - black velvet cushioning et al.
The other day, courtesy BlogAdda, I received two beautifully wrapped, royally presented little cases of ITC's newest offering in the confectionery segment - mint-o Ultramintz. It's supposed to be an extra strong sugar-free mint, one of its kind currently in the Indian market. It comes in a sleek little tin case, black in color, containing 60 little pearly-white pellets. The pack is really impressive to look at. So much so that I've been carrying it around with me everywhere just to show off.
Just kidding. (Or maybe not?)
The mint boasts of having been made from the finest quality menthol and special peppermint oils from France. I don't know about all that, but the mint surely blew my mind. It lives up to all the claims of its makers - it is super minty and strong. And do not be fooled by the tiny size of the pellets - they are power packed enough to freeze the insides of your mouth (in a good way though). And it is absolutely zero sugar, which is an added advantage for someone (read: me) who's lately been gaining weight by the second.

I've never been a fan of mints in general, and especially so since there is hardly any choice in the market in this segment and none of those existing have impressed me so far. I have thus been more of the chewing gum kind, that too on and off. But Ultramintz seems to have me hooked now. I can't seem to get enough of it. I carry it with me all the time, pop a pellet now and then between oodles of studies (phew!), and offer it to whoever it is I'm with at the moment. And take my word, not one person I've offered it to so far has been neutral to its effect. Everyone is like, "This is actually good! What is it? Show me!" and they take the elegant little box in their hands, turn it around a couple of times and usually go, "Sahi packing hai yaar! Where did you get it from?" And they're henceforth hooked. Too.

I'm pretty certain I have single-handedly managed to create a sizable market for this product. You see, if I like something and I find it worth a shot, I can be very persuasive in its advocacy. I generally do not promote products blindly on my blog, for I consider this space extremely sacred and anything I write here has to be well-founded and worthy enough. But I strongly recommend this mint as something to be tried at least once. Not because I got it for free, but because I am already over with my box and going to buy another one from the market.

Mint-o Ultramintz is available in packs of 60 pellets, priced at INR 50. It is an experience truly worth having.

I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.

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