Sunday, July 14, 2013

Heart to heart

It's been raining, and I'm in a philosophical mood. Or maybe I'm just hungry and high on coffee. So I'm going to be straightforward and sentimental in this post.

I'm right now at a juncture in life where all my preconceived plans and thoughts have given way to a new lifestyle, which is a far cry from what my peers are experiencing, and who knows even I might have, if I had chosen a more conventional path. But I did not, and that has made all the difference.
Life has changed course, moving away from mobile antenna and fiber optic communications, towards economics, polity, environment and history. Poverty alleviation, land reforms, disaster management, good governance and historical revolutions consume my thoughts and my hours now. And I have to say I am loving every moment of it. These are things that I've always been really curious about in life. History, especially, has always fascinated me, and it does so till date. Being an engineer, I knew next to nothing about economics (no offence to those engineers who know their SLRs from their CRRs - most don't) and had kept a well-meaning distance from politics. But it's all changed now. I'm learning new things, relishing every bit of knowledge, and trying to retain all I can.

But it's an uphill task, and just enjoying the process is not going to lead me anywhere. Constant practice, 10-12 hours of meaningful studies a day and full focus are what they say is necessary. I cannot disagree - too new to the field, cannot assume much on my own. But anyhow, you get the picture I hope. So I have a whole lot to work upon if I am to have even the slightest chance at cracking the exam of the highest level in the country. (As a first step, I uninstalled Whatsapp and many other apps from my phone last night, in order to minimize distraction. Sigh.)

Aside from that, I render sincere apologies to my readers - I shall be writing here much less often for some months, for the sheer lack of time makes it imperative that I utilize my time writing stuff related to my field, if at all I write. For that purpose I have started a new blog, to make for some healthy debates and commenting on real world issues, trivia and anything that I feel needs to be shared or talked about. I hope my readers would pay a visit once (and over and over again, pleasepleaseplease!).
The Proletariat Speaketh
Do leave a comment here, or on the other blog, telling me your opinion (on anything at all - even the weather would do). I've been missing meaningful interactions with my readers for a long time - I am in dire need of some intellectual and encouraging conversation.

And I just realized there was nothing sentimental or philosophical about this post, only straightforward from the heart. Drat.


ipshit said...

:D....:D....keep working hard...all the best for your exams...prepare well..:D

Nisha said...

Good luck to you! You can post the intellectual stuff here as well. You don't have time to promote the new link.. so I'd suggest you post here!

Sushmita said...

I really hope that I see more of you on