Thursday, May 23, 2013

When life gives you lemons and you've got no sugar for lemonade!

Life lately seems to be going along a totally different tangent from anything I'd ever expect it to be. It's like I'm being showered with the choicest of lemons and I don't even have sugar or water to make lemonade out of them. Hapless, hapless days.

So right after I wrote here about my sudden craving for world travel and the lack of resources preventing me from doing that, life threw another big rock in my face. The family gossip tree came out with yet another juicy piece of gossip that went traveling through the entire family to reach me today. This very distant cousin of mine, who's a total nerd, and is settled in Saudi Arabia and minting huge money, and of whose very existence we learned only after he got settled in the Gulf and started minting money - surprisingly, this guy has finally tied the knot. To a seemingly pretty girl. And he's going for a Switzerland honeymoon now! Can someone kill me, please.

The Alps, Swiss chocolates, and beautiful watches. That lucky lady is gonna have it all, while I'm doomed to sweat in Delhi's sultry heat and sit for an important exam in 2 days. Why does life have to be so unfair! Yes, yes, I know I'm probably being hormonal and reacting too much, but this is NOT FAIR. I just so wanna get done with all the career-building, educational and responsibility-related exercises of life as soon as possible, so that I can finally be on my own and do whatever I want, wherever I want to. But no. Not so fast dearies. Life isn't all sugar and candy. They'll first grind you, make you clear exams, get jobs, work your butt off, crush your spirit beyond recognition and when you're finally at the height of glory and got lots of money in the pocket and time at hand, you'd have lost that passion that made you wanna do things and see places. So you'll probably just sit in your big house watching TV, gaining weight and reminiscing old times when you used to dream of going to Switzerland.

Okay, I know I've started with the same downward-spiraling thought process all over again. I need to digress from here.

So I dug up some more information on the Saudi cousin's story. Apparently, luck has been shining rather too brightly on the couple lately. Right after they'd decided the dates of the wedding, the wife came across an online contest where a trip to Switzerland was among the top prizes. She registered for the contest flippantly, not expecting to get even a consolation prize, but as destiny would have had it, they actually won themselves a free Swiss trip. And with its dates coming up right after their wedding too. Luck is such a bitch sometimes when it is so kind on others and not the teeniest bit on you.

I wish I could switch places with that couple and scale the snow-clad mountains while they gave my exam. I wish my family aunties did not have to propagate such gossip like wildfire. I wish Delhi's temperature dropped to like 15 degrees Celsius. Ah, wishes. I should probably just get back to my books.

See you guys around after Sunday.
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