Monday, March 25, 2013

Living in a dream

Between all the drudgery and soul-depressing monotony that days seem to have been comprised of lately, life does surprise you at times with such bright days as that make you feel alive again. One such day was the Saturday that passed - the 23rd of March - when thanks to Penguin India's Spring Fever festival at the IHC Delhi, life brought me face to face with the creator of my favorite piece of literature, the much-acclaimed Vikram Seth. The book, after that, is easy enough for my readers to guess.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ring the Bell - Bring the Change.

So my blog has been in hibernation for some time. My IndiRank has dropped. My readers are probably as far from my blog as I am from finding Neverland. Nevertheless, I am not asleep. I'm alive and well (not always well, but yeah..!) And I'm occupied with so many things in life that I know anything I manage to write amidst all of this would not do justice to my blog. So I've been on a break of sorts - until now.

It was Women's Day yesterday. A day that every literate and well-informed man wishes to every woman he comes across, while also putting it up as his Facebook status and the Tweet of the day. And yet, its significance he knows very little about and is hardly concerned about. What else is a woman for if not to cook for him, grace his house/arm and satisfy his needs? We, women, have all been there and experienced that kind of male chauvinism in one or the other form, no matter how old or young we are (I'm 21 myself). The top of the bureaucrats, politicos, self-appointed religious leaders and the 'Khap' panchayat have, time and time again, enlightened us all with gems of their thoughts on why men are fully justified in raping women and how women are inviting it on themselves. A huge applause for each of them.