Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The dead of the night jolted to life
As noises abound in every direction
He shouted, she screamed, they fought
And the little one stood in a corner and watched.

Packing had never seemed so easy
Just shoving it all in without a glance
He strode out the door, banging it hard
And backed out his car and left.

She slumped in the chair and cried
The little one still rooted to his spot
Her muffled sobs and teary eyes
Confusing him inside.

He was his dad, she was his mom
He always took them as one
Why'd they scream and shout so much?
Why'd his mom have to cry?

Why'd his dad pack and leave the house?
Where did he go? When would he come?
Why'd his mom not stop him at all?
Why did his dad not say goodbye..?


Anonymous said...

nice one.. its always hard to write, how a 3rd person would think and here it was a child.. enjoyed it

Mahima said...

Thank you so much Shiv :)