Friday, January 11, 2013

Now Featured on The Independent, UK!

I've been meaning to write on a number of subjects ever since the new year took off. But time does not permit me any more. And it's gonna remain the same for a month to come. I'm missing my blog already. So much to write, all of a sudden, and so little opportunity. Sigh. A book review has been long due, then there's a fiction story, and I guess I haven't even wished my dear readers a happy new year yet. On that note, here's wishing a very happy and prosperous new year to every one. I hope you all have a joyous, successful and satisfying year lying ahead of you. Let us wade through it together with hope and faith in our hearts, and only bitch or gush about it when it turns into 2014. Till then, for better or for worse, bear with it, shall we? Yes, you, the non-believers too. Hold up as good as you can, it's gonna get better.

So the reason why I've taken the trouble to wield the pen (or keypad) today is to share something. Good news, actually.

A couple of days ago I assisted a well-known freelance journalist and writer, Mridu Khullar Relph, in preparing a story on the Delhi Metro and the safety of women in the city and its public transport. Apparently the lady had liked my article on the Ladies coach in Delhi Metro, written in early 2011. It was back then that she had interviewed me for a story in Elle magazine on similar lines. As fate would have had it, Elle sat on the story for far too long and it ended up not being run. I'd given up on it long ago. But apparently dear Mridu did not forget about it, and when she was asked to do a similar story for The Independent, one of UK's top newspapers, she sought me out again. It was all a quick process - her approaching me, my replying to her, her preparing the story, and the story being run on the paper within a day. Now the article isn't quite my handiwork, it's the writer's; but major parts of it are based on my inputs and I have been quoted at places. Good enough, eh? Here's the online edition of the story: 'I've jumped off a moving bus to get away from an attacker...' Life for women on India's public transport. It was a good experience. *proud moment*

It is anyway always fun for me, writing anything for anyone, as long as it's not an exam paper. That sucks. Do read it through, and let me know your views, if any!


Amul said...

Awesome :)..

The Furobiker said...


Mahima said...

Thank you, Amul and Abhishek! :)

Arun Prakash said...

It's really cool to be featured in 'The Independent', Mahima. Congrats!

I'm dubious on the amount of fabrication typically in a journalist's article. Does the article say exactly as you have said to the author? Or are you used as an object to exemplify the situations with some fabrications?

Mahima said...

Thank you Arun!

Well, I cannot say about the others, but in this article the journalist has quoted me in my very own words. Nothing has been fabricated as far as my opinions go. :)

Arun Prakash said...

Good to know :)
Only when I come to know that Dove ad featuring you with made-up story, I began to disbelief all the ads with personalities quoting "personal stories of revival".

Mahima said...

That was purely promotional in nature. No story associated. This, on the other hand, was an article by a journalist for a newspaper. They usually do not fabricate facts in such stories. :)