Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's that time of the year again when homes, malls and marketplaces are decorated in red, white and green. When carols are sung and gifts are exchanged. When cakes, gingerbread men and yummy goodies are enjoyed. When everyone is in high spirits and thankful for all they have. Or at least that's how MY vision of an ideal Christmas looks. And for me it's either everything or nothing.

I've always been a stickler for Christmas and the New Year. They signify true festivity to me - happiness, joy, camaraderie and love - even more than most Hindu festivals. Back in those childhood days, Christmas was always about decorating that little Christmas tree Papa got us with little bells and stars, putting a sock or bag beside our pillows and waiting till we could keep our eyes open to catch our parents sneaking in. Yes, I always knew it was them, and not Santa Claus, who loaded our socks with goodies every year. But it was fun pretending for a while that we didn't know. And then we would wake up on Christmas morning and thank our Santa parents for all those amazing goodies and they would just laugh. My sister had this unique fun fetish of dressing up in red, putting up a fake beard and all the works and roam about the house playing Santa. She even distributed candies to all of us!

Most of my childhood years were spent in an Indian Navy school, and the Christmas celebrations there were pretty great. We would decorate our entire class with little baubles from the school stationery store and take part in the Christmas special performances. I was a regular in the Carol singing choir group, and that has been my favorite part of the festival ever since - Carols. Two of them have stuck in my heart for years, and it's time I shared them here. *nostalgic*

At a time when the city, and consequently the entire nation, is in strife over a very recent issue that is threatening to dissolve the public's faith in the system (whatever remains of it) and is sure to bring down the spineless government, I hope the festive spirit brings some respite and calm to all those ravaged hearts. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year 2013 (in early anticipation). Stay blessed, and always keep that smile on. \(^_^)/

P.S. And with the dawn of the 25th of December, my blog also crossed the 25,000-hits mark. A big shout out to all my amazing readers for their constant support and for bearing with my nonsensical jibber jabber for almost three years. You all make this blog whatever it is. Thank you!


Sushmit said...

Do you know, in all probability, Jesus wasn't born on 25th December? :\
What people celebrate is 4 days past the winter solstice.

Mahima said...

He could've taken birth on the 30th of February, and it would still matter very little to me. People usually celebrate the festive spirit and joy, and that's what matters. :)