Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weird instance of my sadistic humor!

I can be a real bad ass sometimes. Or a tease, or just really goofy - whatever it is you'd choose to call me after reading this post.

So around this very same time last year, I came across this wonderful blog that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The guy does write well (at least he did back then, since I haven't read his recent blog posts) and the blog was very interesting. But then something happened and my mind took a totally sadistic turn. It was nothing much really, I just happened to stumble upon a page on the blog that said 'Would love to know you:)'. Check it out, you!

Just one look at this page was enough to turn on that goofy button inside my head that turns me into a real troll. And so I set upon writing him some 'feedback'. I don't know how I came about writing all that stuff I did. Let's just say I was in exceptionally high spirits that night. Or maybe I was just high.

Dude, your blog is great. I happened to drop by your blog as a result of a random visit to blogjunta, though God knows why I went there in the first place. The blog layout, the theme and the way you've described yourself and your "vows" were what caught my eye and made me stay and browse, more than your so-called "weird, supposedly humorous" new post. :P
Well...the post was very nicely written and that gives me an idea of how well you must write. I'll surely come back tomorrow to read more, as it's a little late right now and my eyes are drooping. Not that I sleep early or anything, but maybe I saw something that kinda made me sleepy. Which reminds me of the post which I was talking about. It was, as I said, nicely written. And the ending kinda made me think, "was this for what I read through this whole page?" But anyway, I'd like to read more posts to know more and be able to bug you more through this "feedback form". Wow, I love the concept. For now, goodnight and have a great day, maybe until you read this "feedback".

P.S. I took the pain to write so much in order to help realize your inner hopes/dreams/expectations of receiving lots of feedback through this simple form that you've painstakingly installed on your lovely blog. And I included those quirky and unnecessary details because you said above that one could write to you just about anything in or out of this planet. So I just felt like writing something. Not knowing what to write about except for praise for your blog, which I hope I have made very clear by now, I wrote anything and everything that came to my mind. Hope you don't mind. We're bloggers, and by that relation, fellows of the same fraternity on the internet, and so we have a certain responsibility towards each other. You getting me I hope.

Anyway, now I really can't stay awake any longer. Your profile might end up remaining open on my screen and I might fall asleep onto the keyboard. I wouldn't like that at all. Would you? I hope not.

I wish you read this feedback-cum-introductory-cum-friendly-banter letter with some patience and certainly not a hot head. And I hope you haven't reached hell and so, can reply. I'll be waiting. :)

You might as well visit my blog too, only if you wish to, that is. There isn't any elaborate response/feedback form that I provide there, but you may mail me at my email ID. I'd love to reply and get talking. You're kinda handsome too, BTW. ;)
Now again...goodnight!

That's it. that's just it. Every time I read it, I cannot help but wonder at what weird twist of my mind it could've been that made me write all that. That too to some innocent fellow blogger who must've put up that feedback form on his blog with a totally different intention altogether, maybe not even expecting someone to actually write to him through it. But the guy was a sport. He replied back through email, and in fact seemed really happy to have received my feedback! :P He even flirted a little. It was a fun little conversation we had on email. Now that I look back upon it, I find it an amazingly fun experience. Don't know what else to say about it. Cheers to my occasional weirdness that sometimes turns into awesomeness! :D
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