Monday, October 8, 2012

My First Poem

I'm sure the title gives you a fair idea of what is going to follow, but for the sake of literary congruence - I'm all nostalgic today. And that I am pretty often these days, ain't I? Well, what to say...I just miss those days when I was a little happy kid with no serious issues or hassles, no real responsibilities or heartbreak in life. I would laugh innocently, play all day, study as if it was a storybook I was reading and cry only to get people's attention. But then, don't we all miss those times every now and then? :)

So today, while I was sitting all alone, pondering over where my life has brought me and where I'm headed, what else but the first poem that I ever wrote just decided to make an appearance inside my head. I thought I'd share it with you all, even if for nothing else but the sheer embarrassment at its randomness and my weird little imagination.

(Disclaimer: I don't remember how old I was when I penned it down, but I couldn't have been any older than 7-8 I'd say.)

The Funny Man

There was a man
Who slept in a pan
He ate fruit peels
And rode on seals.

Once he caught an animal
And thought it was a hare
But when he went back home
He saw it was a bear.

Wasn't he a funny man?
The man who slept in a pan!

*phew* That was liberating. Cute, wasn't it? :P But for someone who dreams of being a Booker prize-winning writer someday, 7-8 years is a tad too late to start writing, don't you think? Not really for me. Because I was always more of a story person than a poem one. I started writing stories of my own almost as soon as I learnt to make sentences. Before that, I used to make up stories in my head using common objects I could see around me (eg. A scooter, a lizard or a chapati) and narrate them in whatever little language I knew, to anyone who was willing to be entertained. And boy did I not have a huge audience! I do hear I was very cute back then. Just wish I could revisit those days and see myself as a puny little kid with curly black hair and mischievous eyes. :) that we're at it, why not take a look at the little 'me' that I've been talking on and on about?

Well...all thoughtful and pensive at an early age - that would be me.

And THAT would be the usually happy, super excited and mischievous me. :D
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