Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm a model now!

LOL. The title makes me double up with laughter every time I see it. Well, technically, I did model for a big brand recently, no matter how small (or unpaying) the contract might have been. But it still sounds so funny and impractical, at least to me.

Okay, facts first. Some time ago, right after the Dove Indimeet I'd attended in June and had written about here, I was approached by the Indiblogger guys with an offer to model for Dove's online advertising campaign. They said 5-6 female bloggers from the whole bunch of Indibloggers had been shortlisted for the campaign (compliment taken!) and I was one of them. I was asked for some photos of mine and deliberated with upon the style and text etc of the ad I would be appearing in.

That was however a long time ago. Way back in July.
Last I heard, the advertisements had been run on a few websites and neither Dove nor Indiblogger had cared enough to even inform the models that their ads were up, so that at least we could have had a look at ourselves being flashed somewhere on the web! But anyway, I pestered Renie Revin about it recently, and here's the result - a couple of screenshots of one of the websites where my ad was run for some time. Can't say it's much of a big deal, but it's the first time I have been offered a modeling assignment (LOL again :P), even if only online (not even print!) and short-duration. But I was happy to see my face up there along with the 'Dove' tag. Kind of a nice thing to have happened to me. :)

Take a look!

It isn't that hard to find me on those pages...or is it? I know, with so many beautiful women there...it just gets hard to know which one's me, right? Haha! And that blurry little text alongside my picture says 'Mahima, Author, Lifestyle Blogger'. They chose to make me an author!! That is so cool. I love Dove. No, really, I do NOW.

Now, considering that this is my second post in the last few hours, it must be evident that I am super vella today. Or maybe I'm just running away from some more important and pressing things to do and to think about. But whatever it is, I'm just glad I managed to write two posts within one night. *pumps fist in the air*

Feedback on the above pictures invited! How do I look? Model-like, no? (LOL...again :P)

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