Saturday, October 13, 2012

For the love of everything that is So Delhi!

I am happy today, for the sole reason that all the hard work of this summer has paid off, and the website I was traveling and writing for has finally seen the light of day. It's up and running (in BETA mode though) and looks fantastic! I reckon I haven't really talked about it in specific terms as yet on my blog. Here it is then.

The website's called So Delhi and is basically a comprehensive, complete and exhaustive web portal on everything that's Delhi. It has everything one would want to know about the real Delhi - the best food, places, art and entertainment, recreation options, the city's history, culture, traveler tips and safety precautions, travel and hotel bookings, basic information about the city's infrastructure, insider tips and what not! But we all know all that information can be found on the Internet, then why is THIS so special and unique?

That is because even though all that information, or at least most of it, could very well be found on Google, but it would invariably be very scattered and hard to find, taking up a lot of your precious time. To find good food reviews, you'd have to choose one of the many different food review sites, and probably visit a handful of them before you're actually satisfied. And then to check out the best places to visit in Delhi, you will probably have to spend hours searching for genuine first-hand reviews and tips and might still not get reliable information on how and where to go. And that's precisely where the idea of So Delhi first originated from. The portal collects ALL of the aforementioned information, and much more, and presents it in a coherent, reader-friendly manner in one place where an enthusiast can find anything and everything in a very easy and organized way. I remember when I first held an informal sort of a meeting with its founders - a trio of young, well-educated and successful people - they were so focused about what they wanted from the portal and why they wanted to build it, I just knew this was going to succeed. And here we are, after long months of working together - and we're So Delhi!

The site's still being done up, and lots of empty spaces and minor glitches remain. But the overall impact at first glance is great. Check it out for yourself!

The green, white and black theme and the convenient organization of articles and reviews everywhere is really a winner, as is the content, as you'll find out once you go through the website.

Some of my own articles that have been uploaded include those on Red Fort, Purana Quila, Humayun's Tomb, Sacred Heart Cathedral, 3 Gurudwaras, a few museums and some general themes like pharmacies, Delhi Metro and civic bodies (NDMC, DDA). Several others still remain to be uploaded. And since I was obviously paid to write them all, they would not be credited to me on the website. But a few of my photographs are up there along with my name underneath. (For example, here and here). Proud feeling indeed!

Reviews on the website - its content, layout, convenience, look and feel - would really be appreciated. You could actually visit it and rate the articles there according to how useful and accurate you found them. And as is our custom, I would definitely not mind some feedback on my own work too. Bouquets and brickbats equally welcome. Cheers! :)


Jay Singh said...

Nice post Mahima :)
The website looks good. Liked the photography as well.
Keep it up. :)



The Guy In The Mirror said...

Great initiative! :)
and I loved the website. Very promising

Hey, the link you gave to the website redirects to somewhere else and it says page not found :O

Nice clicks! :D

Stay Blessed ^_^

The Furobiker said...

nice! The color theme is soothing. read couple of articles. Just getting used to the navigation of the site abhi

Sangeeta Raghu said...

Lovely pics Mahima and thank you so much for introducing a delhiwali to this wonderful site .. It truely brings out the essence of Delhi ... :)

Mahima said...

@Jay - Thank you so much Jay. :)

@The Guy In The Mirror - Thanks a lot! ^_^
I checked...the link works just fine. Must've been a temporary thing. Glad you visited nevertheless. :)

Mahima said...

@Abby/Furo/whatever you'd like to be called (:P) - It's taking me some time too in getting used to the site navigation and in finding stuff. Thank you!

@Sangeeta - Thank you so much! Am glad I could be of service to a fellow Delhi-lover :)

Sushmit said...

This is wonderful!!

Can we contribute too??