Monday, October 15, 2012


There are always two alternatives
To every decision big or small
The choices we make at every step
Will define who we are and what we get.

There are two roads at every fork
Diverging towards different ends
It's the path we choose to take
That will seal the destiny we make.

One choice will be easy
One road smooth and straight
It'll promise you ephemeral pleasure
But not an end that you can treasure.

The other choice will be onerous
The road jittery and uphill
The pinnacle would however afford
You a key to a blessed world.

The weak of will and purpose
Will always find the first choice right
But the one who treads the easy way
Loses sight of the goal and goes astray.

The one with purpose and strength of resolve
Will however choose the road less traveled by
For only he who can overcome hassles great
Will build for himself a serene fate.
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