Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hair Spas and Chutzpah with Pantene and Indiblogger

It really goes without saying that Delhi witnessed one of the most exciting blogger meets ever on the 14th of October (last Sunday). It was indeed one of a kind and like no other meet we'd ever attended before. Putting it in words 10 days hence would be slightly difficult for me, but like they say, he (she?) who never tried never succeeded!

Nothing that day could have been more awesome than the paradigm shift in the venue of the Indiblogger meet from the morose, sad little Hotel Park every time, to the posh and opulent ITC Sheraton in Saket this time. It surely took quite a few breaths away, for we the blogger species aren't used to such magnificence :P So it was a really pleasant start to the day. The meet was being held in the 'Ballroom' that itself was very elegantly done up with sensuous lighting and 'green' as the theme, in keeping with the color of the new Pantene Nature Fusion products, that by the way are pretty good, as we got to experience soon enough. ;)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weird instance of my sadistic humor!

I can be a real bad ass sometimes. Or a tease, or just really goofy - whatever it is you'd choose to call me after reading this post.

So around this very same time last year, I came across this wonderful blog that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The guy does write well (at least he did back then, since I haven't read his recent blog posts) and the blog was very interesting. But then something happened and my mind took a totally sadistic turn. It was nothing much really, I just happened to stumble upon a page on the blog that said 'Would love to know you:)'. Check it out, you!

Just one look at this page was enough to turn on that goofy button inside my head that turns me into a real troll. And so I set upon writing him some 'feedback'. I don't know how I came about writing all that stuff I did. Let's just say I was in exceptionally high spirits that night. Or maybe I was just high.

Monday, October 15, 2012


There are always two alternatives
To every decision big or small
The choices we make at every step
Will define who we are and what we get.

There are two roads at every fork
Diverging towards different ends
It's the path we choose to take
That will seal the destiny we make.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

For the love of everything that is So Delhi!

I am happy today, for the sole reason that all the hard work of this summer has paid off, and the website I was traveling and writing for has finally seen the light of day. It's up and running (in BETA mode though) and looks fantastic! I reckon I haven't really talked about it in specific terms as yet on my blog. Here it is then.

The website's called So Delhi and is basically a comprehensive, complete and exhaustive web portal on everything that's Delhi. It has everything one would want to know about the real Delhi - the best food, places, art and entertainment, recreation options, the city's history, culture, traveler tips and safety precautions, travel and hotel bookings, basic information about the city's infrastructure, insider tips and what not! But we all know all that information can be found on the Internet, then why is THIS so special and unique?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm a model now!

LOL. The title makes me double up with laughter every time I see it. Well, technically, I did model for a big brand recently, no matter how small (or unpaying) the contract might have been. But it still sounds so funny and impractical, at least to me.

Okay, facts first. Some time ago, right after the Dove Indimeet I'd attended in June and had written about here, I was approached by the Indiblogger guys with an offer to model for Dove's online advertising campaign. They said 5-6 female bloggers from the whole bunch of Indibloggers had been shortlisted for the campaign (compliment taken!) and I was one of them. I was asked for some photos of mine and deliberated with upon the style and text etc of the ad I would be appearing in.

That was however a long time ago. Way back in July.

Monday, October 8, 2012

My First Poem

I'm sure the title gives you a fair idea of what is going to follow, but for the sake of literary congruence - I'm all nostalgic today. And that I am pretty often these days, ain't I? Well, what to say...I just miss those days when I was a little happy kid with no serious issues or hassles, no real responsibilities or heartbreak in life. I would laugh innocently, play all day, study as if it was a storybook I was reading and cry only to get people's attention. But then, don't we all miss those times every now and then? :)

So today, while I was sitting all alone, pondering over where my life has brought me and where I'm headed, what else but the first poem that I ever wrote just decided to make an appearance inside my head. I thought I'd share it with you all, even if for nothing else but the sheer embarrassment at its randomness and my weird little imagination.