Saturday, September 15, 2012


I walk by an empty room sometimes
And my mind sinks into memories bygone...

Of those walls that had no windows or door,
Of that damp corner where I'd always crouch
Look up at the blackened ceiling above
While an untold sorrow weighed my heart

The walls seemed to close in on me
The face in the wall a mere shadow

And the shrieks froze inside my throat
As I cowered in wait of an evident end

But the walls caved in the moment I blinked
To reveal a lovely sun shining in their wake
It warmed and fed a soul long stifled
And turned fright into ethereal epiphany

And that bright sun still livens up my life,
Warming my days, lighting up my nights
Passing by an empty room reminds me sometimes
Of how lifeless i was and how I came to life...


Amul said...

Introspection :).. Nicely written :)..

If you have read all my poems, you might have noticed that they mostly represented this side of life only.. hai na? :) I find it a good way to keep reminding ourselves where we came from and how life has taken twists and turns.. so, hi5 on choosing to write on this :).. aur likho :)

Nisha said...

This was beautiful :)

Mahima said...

@Amul - Yes, I have read your poems, and as I said earlier, we do think alike! Thank you so much :)

@Nisha - Thank you ^_^

Anonymous said...

Damn beautiful mahima :) :)

indiamap said...

We believe the rebirth is for all mom

Mahima said...

@Vinisha - Thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...


You seem to have learned to be in love with your life again. You return to the soul you have always been. It is beautiful the unknown but innocent freedom of the soul.

Mahima dance slow to the music of your soul made new.


Mahima said...

@Shai - You're absolutely right. and the feeling indeed is beautiful. :)

Sriram said...

I liked the flow from darkness to light and how there is a part of the self that remembers the darkness and how one feels at those times.

Mahima said...

@Sriram - Thank you so much. You grasped the underlying thought very well.