Saturday, September 15, 2012


I walk by an empty room sometimes
And my mind sinks into memories bygone...

Of those walls that had no windows or door,
Of that damp corner where I'd always crouch
Look up at the blackened ceiling above
While an untold sorrow weighed my heart

The walls seemed to close in on me
The face in the wall a mere shadow

And the shrieks froze inside my throat
As I cowered in wait of an evident end

But the walls caved in the moment I blinked
To reveal a lovely sun shining in their wake
It warmed and fed a soul long stifled
And turned fright into ethereal epiphany

And that bright sun still livens up my life,
Warming my days, lighting up my nights
Passing by an empty room reminds me sometimes
Of how lifeless i was and how I came to life...

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