Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Magic Called Monsoon

It is common knowledge that monsoon is the season for lovers and artists. Well, I fit into both profiles - I am a romantic at heart and art flows in my veins. Okay, enough of lies and self-flattery. Simply put, I LOVE THE RAINS.

There is something truly magical and refreshing about the rain that energizes me, uplifts my mood even if for only as long as the raindrops and their after effects last, but it does. Now that I am recovering slowly (Oh! Thanks for asking, yeah my ankle is seeing gradual improvement), as soon as I hear the pitter patter of raindrops on my window AC (a slight deviation from the quintessential 'raindrops on my window sill', thanks to modernization), I run (or limp) along to the garden first and then to the front door to capture the amazing feel and look of the baarish. It invariably feels heavenly and refreshing. Easily defines divinity for me. No wonder that I vehemently advocate the rains' widespread use as instant mood-lifter and an all-natural aphrodisiac. God, what is it with the rain-haters, are they daft?!

Now most of my readers are familiar with my love for my garden and for the camera alike. Earlier I wrote about the joys of nature at my doorstep and of the surprisingly pleasant weather that the month of April brought with it this year. So here I present again, the look and feel of actual monsoon rains and the magical effects they have on everything, right from the smallest of species alive and kickin' under the soil to the newly sprouted leaves on the Guava tree and the fruit it bears. Everything is just so beautiful enticing exquisite!

Just one of the 20 odd shots I took of this particular beauty. (That moment when you realize you have a new muse. And it is a fruit, that too a guava)

I like to think of my garden in the rains as a lush tropical rainforest.
Water, water everywhere. Would anyone like to take a drink?

Ah, that nosey little neighbor Mr.Crow again. Never fail to make an appearance now, do we?

Every crawling, wriggling, cute little thing out there makes my sister cringe in horror. No wonder I love them!

And that's the crowning glory of the place. If only it housed things less nefarious than those evil vampire-like honey bees.

Love birds on a temporary break, eh?

I cannot describe what a rush clicking these pictures gives me. The pain in the foot seems to disappear for a while and I tune my senses to the sound and feel of the world of green and of all things natural and thriving. It is, as I say, a joy like none other. Simply love the Delhi monsoon!

P.S. What are you still doing, scrolling down to read my highly over-rated words? Go, move your lazy bum out there into the open - street, terrace, backyard whatever - and immerse into the magic called monsoon!

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Anonymous said...

The best part, about this blog of yours, well, its not the rain...;)

Mahima said...

Ahem ahem...whatever that is supposed to mean..thank you. :)

AzzArun said...

Rains are absolutely amazing. They never fail to rejuvenate me. They add a charm to everything around which in turn uplifts your mood. Always. Without any miss.

Anonymous said...

Well, its strange that such a good writer like yourself fails to understand what it means :p dint fail really? :p

Mahima said...

@Arun - Atta boy! We share our love for the 'tip-tip barsa pani'.
And I read how many efforts you had to make in order to comment here. Much appreciated! :)

AzzArun said...

Well, you write quite good. That is what brings me here. And I believe that anything beautiful should be appreciated. Hence, the efforts. Keep writing. :)

Mahima said...

@Anonymous - Well..we choose to understand some things, while ignore others. :)

@Arun - Point humbly taken! Thank you :)

Sudeep Gupta said...

I love the rains! "Geeli mitti ki khushbu", especially when it just starts raining, is so heavenly! Its always worth getting wet in the rain, no matter where you are and who you are with. Playing football and getting muddy is the next best thing! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Yeah! Sure! We can do that.

Jst for record what i meant is...that the best part about this blog was that rain helped u froget ur pain in the ankle for sometime

Mahima said...

@Sudeep - I've heard all boys talk about the heaven that playing football in the rains is. I wish I could experience too :) But I sure love getting myself wet once in a while..:)

@Anonymous.. Why so serious? And yes, true what you say. :)

vinisha said...

lovelyyyy.....rains are actually the best part of everybody's life .....must say awesome clicks :) :)
P.S I am following you :) :)

Mahima said...

@Vinisha - Thank you so much. Glad you liked them! :)

Shobhit said...

Wonderful pictures ! Though I enjoy clicking pictures of nature too, but I've missed the theme of rains yet. I'll be ready the next time it rains. :-)

Mahima said...

@Shobhit - Time and spatial constraints sometimes make us miss out on something we could cherish a lot. Keep the camera handy, trust me you shall enjoy clicking the after-rain world a lot. :)

Ghata said...

Beautiful pics Mahima....loved all of them! A lover of rains myself...enjoyed your post to the hilt!! And glad to hear you are recovering :)

Mahima said...

@Ghata - Thank you so much dearie!! :)

ankit singh said...

Well , It is said ," Some people walk in the rain ,others just get wet". This post is good enough to make a person enjoy the 'Walk'.
It's beautifully written and pictures are wonderful.
Totally loved it, Mahima . :-) :-)