Thursday, July 26, 2012

Retro Madness

It's been a mad two weeks. Shopping, shopping and more shopping - it's hard to imagine how something as rejuvenating and stress-free as shopping can turn into a nightmare if you're looking for something in particular and nothing but 'that' will do. Phew...I thank God Sunday's gone. I had this cousin's engagement party to attend and as expected, it had a 'theme' - RETRO. So to say, we were supposed to arrive dressed up in Retro style - something from the past, like bell bottoms or white polka dotted mini dresses or maybe big head dresses and flowery attire. I had to research a lot, my mother even went to such lengths as scouring through Shammi Kapoor's song videos on YouTube to check out the trends from those times. Well, just to confirm though, since she is from the same era, remember.

Now I won't leave you wondering about what I wore at the party. I simply dressed up in a white polka dotted sheer top, a black skirt and superrrrr sexy black heels. And the icing on the BnW cake? A white feathery-flowery Helen-like head band that made quite a few heads turn at the do. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, more so because of my turning heads :P as the party wasn't really as happening as I'd have liked. Anyhow, all's well that thankfully ends, even if not well. Have a dekko!

But now I have to admit that I am out of touch. No, not from writing, which I have been doing incessantly all this while for my freelance job as a travel-writer. But it's been long since I blogged. I somewhat faintly remember mentioning that I'll be posting reviews of places around Delhi on the blog in these holidays. Well, I did too. Twice. But now it's been way too long and I've visited just too many places to be able to review them all or even choose as to which ones to review first. So I figured I'll make a list of all the places I've been to over the summer and maybe my readers could help me choose which ones to review. But then I made the list - and it surprised me to see I had only visited museums, churches, gurudwaras, temples and monuments all this while. Nothing much to boast of by way of 'interesting' places for normal people to visit, is there? I just don't understand what strange excitement I derive out of visiting museums. It's weird! But anyhow, I realized I don't have much to review here. So I'll just wait for the website for which I'm writing to launch soon, so I could give you all a glimpse of the work I've been doing. For now, take a look at their pre-launch outlook here. Cheers! :)


Sudeep Gupta said...

its nice to see you back chirpy and excited! :)

Ghata said...

Mahima...ur looking so cute in the pic! And good to know that you are all well and ready to kick ass again :)

Mahima said...

Thank you Sudeep and Ghata... :)