Monday, July 2, 2012

The Hauz Khas Files - I

Here's a dedication to my new found obsession - Hauz Khas Village. I’ve frequented this place a bit too much over these past few weeks. It all started with my search for an ideal place to organize my bestie Rose’s surprise birthday party last month. I went through every single happening place – mall, amusement park, bowling alley, quiet haven or pub – that I found worthy within the four walls of the city. Nothing seemed to fit, somehow, to my description of the ideal place. And then the idea to celebrate in Hauz Khas Village came to me. Well okay…I’m actually grateful to my sister for the suggestion. But to sum it all up, it was a hell of a day we had there, though it could certainly have been much, much better.

Hauz Khas Village is a heaven of a place hidden within the heart of the city. I was expecting it to be a small dirty lake, all dried up because of the scorching heat. But ooh la laa! What meets the eye instead is a BEAUTIFUL, HUGE lake, surrounded by lush greenery and overlooked by some awesome-looking monuments. I was awestruck – rather love struck - my love for everything medieval and beautiful not in the least unknown to my readers. The lake is not even a lake in fact. It was actually a tank built way back in the 13th century to supply water to the surrounding settlements. Funny, medieval people got their washing and bathing water supply from such exquisite water bodies! One of those times when I wish I was born a few centuries earlier.

I had much better shots taken from my friend's DSLR. Alas, I still haven't got them. I'll upload as soon as I catch hold of them. Till then this is all I have!

We hardly felt the heat while at this place. Its huge canopied trees and the water of the lake keep the area cool even while everything's melting outside. And the serenity of the water and the reflected green and blue shades on its surface...I was really in heaven throughout. The place exudes pure, unadulterated magic. So much so that I am desperately waiting for the summers to subside and the monsoon to announce its arrival. Because that will be the ideal time to visit the village again and soak in its real beauty.

The how-to-reach part is usually the only one where first-timers err. The village is a short auto ride (or a 15 minute walk) away from the Green Park Metro station. Although Hauz Khas station is almost at the same distance, I won't recommend reaching the village from there for reasons I cannot exactly explain convincingly. Just that the path goes through the high-traffic Ring Road and usually takes more time, while that from Green Park is more convenient. I leave it to the visitor's discretion.

P.S. This is however just one part of the story!
Another post in the same series - The Hauz Khas Files II - coming up sooner than you'd expect. And maybe another one to keep your eyes and ears open!
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