Thursday, July 26, 2012

Retro Madness

It's been a mad two weeks. Shopping, shopping and more shopping - it's hard to imagine how something as rejuvenating and stress-free as shopping can turn into a nightmare if you're looking for something in particular and nothing but 'that' will do. Phew...I thank God Sunday's gone. I had this cousin's engagement party to attend and as expected, it had a 'theme' - RETRO. So to say, we were supposed to arrive dressed up in Retro style - something from the past, like bell bottoms or white polka dotted mini dresses or maybe big head dresses and flowery attire. I had to research a lot, my mother even went to such lengths as scouring through Shammi Kapoor's song videos on YouTube to check out the trends from those times. Well, just to confirm though, since she is from the same era, remember.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I, Me, Myself - Finally!

I sat thinking today. I've been writing this blog for nearly two years and a half. I've talked about anything and everything that ever struck me. And yet, I guess I've never really introduced myself properly. That may be partly because of my strong belief that one's personality, if unfolded completely in one go, fails to register in its entirety on the receiver's mind. If however unveiled in bits and pieces, it helps one form their own opinion and impression of the person, forging a much stronger and more honest bond in the long run. And that's what I've always striven to maintain with all you beloved readers of mine.

But today I thought it's high time I wrote down the basics that define me. My life, my upbringing, my roots and my thinking - you've had only a glimpse at each aspect of me till now. Well well, here's the real deal now.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Camera Critters

That's my bestie's neighborhood dog Jumpy, on one of her sick and gloomy days. Reflecting my current state in her own canine way. :)

(This post is my entry for this week's Camera Critters meme.)

Sick and Lonely

I had to title the post in such a desperate manner for the sheer lack of a better word. But it pretty much describes my current state of mind.

To be crisp and precise with the facts - I am sick. It all started with a fall two weeks ago - a knee injury and a sprained foot - in short, PAIN. The next woe to pay me a visit was an ear infection, bringing with it a lot more of unbearable pain. And to add finishing touches to the perfect spectacle of illness that I've been reduced to, I've also contracted a bad cold now.

I haven't paid so many visits to the medical fraternity my entire life as I've had to do over the past one week. ENT, general physician, orthopaedic - seen them all in quick succession. X-ray, MRI, ear-rape - had them all done. Allopathy, homeopathy, reiki healing - oral, external, spiritual - taking all sorts of treatment possible. To little avail as yet though. Hope to get better with time...this hope is my ultimate fall-back-upon.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Hauz Khas Files - II

The previous post in this series covered the 'beauty' part of the Village. Now I come down to the other, more significant part - the 'eating' one. There are two major aspects to any place that make it really worth a visit – the food and the general ambiance. Hauz Khas Village scores pretty well in both. It is an urbanized village that boasts of designer boutiques, high-end restaurants and cafes and great nightlife. I did a thorough research on the various cafés and food joints in the village before visiting. We ended up hitting the two most popular yet completely contrasting joints it has on offer – The Kunzum Café and The Living Room. Why the contrast you wonder? Well, for starters, Kunzum Café doesn’t really charge you money while The Living Room (TLR) takes away even that last penny you had stashed up in your secret inner pocket.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Hauz Khas Files - I

Here's a dedication to my new found obsession - Hauz Khas Village. I’ve frequented this place a bit too much over these past few weeks. It all started with my search for an ideal place to organize my bestie Rose’s surprise birthday party last month. I went through every single happening place – mall, amusement park, bowling alley, quiet haven or pub – that I found worthy within the four walls of the city. Nothing seemed to fit, somehow, to my description of the ideal place. And then the idea to celebrate in Hauz Khas Village came to me. Well okay…I’m actually grateful to my sister for the suggestion. But to sum it all up, it was a hell of a day we had there, though it could certainly have been much, much better.