Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jump, JUMP!

This post was gonna be about something else. Something totally different, trust me. But then I started listening to this particular song on loop and it is stuck in my head just so bad that I have to share it with you all before I can proceed further to more important stuff in the following posts.

Jump jump.. Kriss Kross will make ya.. Jump, JUMP!

Does it strike a chord somewhere? Oh yeah it is the 1990s superhit song Jump, by the American rapper duo Kriss Kross comprising of those two kids with similar names that were sort of reversible. The duo's trademark was the fact that they wore their over sized clothes backwards (Beat that Eminem!)

This song is just so addictive, I've literally been listening to it on continuous loop for like ever now. Okay, maybe just about half an hour. But it makes me wanna go all hip-hop and start dancing on the bed. THAT good. Check it out.

Doesn't it make you wanna jump too? And the fact that it's just two little boys singing it makes it so much more fun! Though everyone certainly might not like it. I'm just weird sometimes in my choice of songs. But it's a complete party song. The Mac Dad will make ya, Jump JUMP! :D

(Download the mp3 here if you like it)

Know of any more such songs that make you wanna jump? Let me know!

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