Sunday, June 10, 2012


Excitement (noun)
1. A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.
2. Something that arouses such a feeling; an exciting incident.

Yes, I am back again! And hell yeah, I AM EXCITED!
Though for now I am really short on time, so will just have to do with sharing with y'all little snippets of all the things that are making me excited. Here we go!

1. Tangy dreams coming true
My start-up Kalakhatta just got legally registered as a company. So now we aren't just Kalakhatta, we're Kalakhatta Networks Pvt. Ltd. Sounds like music to my ears, what do you think?
NOTE: The website's still under repair and upheaval. Do NOT judge by the look of it. We aim higher than we portray. ;)

2. It's rainin' MEETS!
Okay so I remember telling you all about how much fun last year's HP Originals Indiblogger meet in the city was. But tomorrow, it's gonna be a double whammy, with two Indiblogger meets in a single day! I'm all excited and chirpy. So the first meet is an all-women meet organized by Dove. (These Dove people are seriously on an intensive publicity campaign these days. They're everywhere your eyes can see! *phew*)
And the other one in the evening by Spice Mobiles isn't just confined to women, so it'll thankfully provide us with some contact with the real civilization, not just an Utopian one. A complete report on both the events is in the pipeline after tomorrow!

3. Holiday season!!!
This one should've come first, methinks. Nevertheless, it's holiday time again! That one time in the entire year when studies, assignments, files or grossly-dressed-up-and-always-smirking teachers can not bog you down. The time when you can let your spirit soar, to achieve those heights of self contentment that you've always dreamed of. *starry eyes*
Or maybe that is taking things too far. 'coz I still have a summer training to attend and a project to write and a thousand and one higher-studies-and-job-entrance exams to prepare for. So it isn't exactly such a rosy picture as I painted. But it's vacation time nevertheless,hence I get to choose when to do, what to do, and TO DO OR NOT TO DO. That's more than fine, methinks. :D

4. Freelance freelance
Yeah, like the game ghar ghar we used to play while we were kids, I've started playing freelance freelance after all. Just happened to bag an opportunity to write for this amazing tourism website that's gonna come up online in some time. I am doing reviews of places around Delhi worth visiting, for their Delhi portal. That includes traveling a lot and that too, to historical places, museums and other places of my interest. What better subject could I ever get to write about! I am thoroughly enjoying the work and the very fact that I'm being *paid* to do what I'd have otherwise done for free, for my sheer love of both travel and writing, makes it awesome. More on it as we go. :)

That's all from my side for now. But now that the evil monster called EXAM SEASON is dead (if only temporarily), I'll see you people around more often. Cheers to that. :)


Ash said...

It was really nice meeting you today at the Dove meet! Keep in touch :)

Mahima said...

It was lovely meeting you in person finally. :)
You left early I suppose. It was sheer fun in the end. Hope to see you around often :)

Amar Ashok Jajoo said...

I hope you stay excited all the time! Because whenever you get excited, it's a treat to read for all of us who love what you write! :) :)

P.S - Thank you for including me in the post kid! :D :D

Mahima said...

Awww thank you so much sb! You flatter me all the time :P
And i reread the post twice to find where I'd mentioned you. And then I realised. :P