Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Writers can troll too!

Apparently, trolling is fast becoming a trend within the published writers' community too. Many modern Indian writers are taking digs at people in their books these days (don't know about foreign writers). I was reading this book The Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi the other day, and as I turned to page 186 and read it through, I was really in splits for a good five minutes. Wondering what was it I saw?? Take a look:

Isn't it just too obvious how the writer intends to pun Bappi da?! I couldn't help but be surprised at the sheer unexpectedness of such a thing from a book like that, which is set in such an ancient time and is mostly fiction. I mean, seriously? From rage comics on the internet to real life practice to the published word as well, trolling has indeed come a long way. I never thought I'd ever include any rage comic stuff on my blog, but as it turns out, things don't always take the course you expect them to take in life. (I must admit though, it's real fun to read rage comics *religious follower* xD)

Nothing more from my side for now. So till I write again, keep trolling!


ipshit said...

interesting little thing..:-D:-D

Mahima said...

Thank you. :D

Bubbles *_* said...

Aw, just checked your blog. Your header's ultra cute :)
Following you, follow each other

Mahima said...

@Bubbles - Thank you! Sure. Following you now. :)