Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Joys of Nature at My Doorstep

Having a room right next to a garden is like living right in the middle of the garden itself. If there's shade outside, it'll usually be pleasant inside on an otherwise bright sunny day. When it's raining, you hear the rain drops falling on the window pane and the wind howling through the leaves. Would you believe if I said I haven't had much cause to switch on the ceiling fan of my room for the past few days? And at the onset of the dreaded annual event called the Delhi summers, yes sire. The weather outside is just so beautiful and pleasant right now, with all those strong gusty winds filtering right through my window over to where I squat on my bed - I don't have better fitting words to describe the feeling. I figure I'll just make do by describing the delight that living next to a planted backyard/lawn/garden can be.

Though I wouldn't exactly call it a well manicured lawn or a beautiful garden per se, but it was more of a savanna grassland with rocks and shoulder high weeds, garbage and mud (not even soil) strewn around everywhere before we moved in. So I'd daresay we've made good progress. The grasses are growing well, hedges have been planted, and the mango trees are showering little mango-babies all over the place with every gust of wind. The banana bore fruit, we did not care to climb that high to take it down, so it wilted. The guava was, well, not in the best of its health when we came. But it has been treated sufficiently well for it to give such a beautiful silhouette against the blue skies.

The blue blue sky through the green leafy foliage. My idea of a delightful sight.

Ooo..that is just the friendly neighborhood crow. Drops in every now and then to say hello. Though mostly when I'm trying hard to study.

The mango in full bloom. These flowers have long given way to fruit. Mangoes! :D

And that's the humble banana patch. Quite in a mess, but fruiting nevertheless.

Spot the bananas if you can! :P

One of the cute little yellow and orange flowers we've planted. And no, they're not Marigolds.

I often wake up at (or stay up till) six in the morning to the extra loud, distinct chirps of at least five different birds outside, each perfectly in synch with all others. The sunlight of the early morning is actually invigorating. And I've even noticed a trend. Ever since I started sleeping with my head right under the window, I've been waking up early, at my will, and I feel fresher than ever every morning. And this isn't even the placebo effect. Waking up to sunlight streaming into your room certainly makes the day brighter and more cheerful. It's like having my own sureshot fix to untimely blues. Ah...if only I could have my morning light with me all day long.

Aren't things really getting beautiful around here? Or maybe it's just me, having got a personal garden for the first time in my life. It feels good. Really, I've always wanted one my entire existence. And to be able to really enjoy such a fantastic weather as this in a city like mine, a haven like this is all it takes. But like I've said before, wishes do get fulfilled, and how!


AzzArun said...

Naice!! :)
The joy and pleasure of having a garden next to your room is simply unmatched. The early morning sunlight wakes you up and gives your day an amazing start.

P.S. Congrats for the feature on Blogadda!! :)

Sudeep Gupta said...

you used a lot of imagery in this post, I like that. Had loads of personal memories flooding back to me.

Mahima said...

@Arun - Thank you so much! :)

P.S. You were the one to break the news to me, believe it or not. Thanks! :D

@Sudeep - Glad you like it. Returned to writing after very long. Thank you!

AmitAag said...

Nice post, Mahima!
your new follower:

Mahima said...

Thank you sir. :)

Cartic said...

Really a nice place to live in! And if it is one's home, that is sheer bliss!

Mahima said...

@Cartic - Very true. It's an utterly beautiful feeling to wake up to a fragrant, chirpy garden every morning and soak in the fresh air. <3