Monday, March 19, 2012

A tale of tears

In the darkest hour of the night
breaking the silence of her despair
Did she cry out for help
no one but seemed to hear.

Tears blurred her vision
and opened her mind's eyes
She saw what all along
she'd failed to realize.

As the tears flowed down
and touched the cold floor,
A realization set in
like none ever before.

Gained respect, not friends
Found love, not trust
Solitude was what she yearned for
Loneliness, what she earned.

In dire pursuit of a fulfilling life
she eventually lost her life force
with a cavernous empty void
the sole remnant of her sores.

And as the dawn unfolds
she arises from her stupor
Her face warmed by the sun
her cold heart lying untouched

Wiping her own tears yet again
she rises to face the agony
of living through each trial
that life gifts her every day.
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