Monday, March 19, 2012

A tale of tears

In the darkest hour of the night
breaking the silence of her despair
Did she cry out for help
no one but seemed to hear.

Tears blurred her vision
and opened her mind's eyes
She saw what all along
she'd failed to realize.

As the tears flowed down
and touched the cold floor,
A realization set in
like none ever before.

Gained respect, not friends
Found love, not trust
Solitude was what she yearned for
Loneliness, what she earned.

In dire pursuit of a fulfilling life
she eventually lost her life force
with a cavernous empty void
the sole remnant of her sores.

And as the dawn unfolds
she arises from her stupor
Her face warmed by the sun
her cold heart lying untouched

Wiping her own tears yet again
she rises to face the agony
of living through each trial
that life gifts her every day.


shubham said...


Mahima said...

Did this piece really sadden you? :O

shubham said...

does my comment really surprise you?

1st and last para are way too much sad..1st is so helpless and last is so hopeless..
although in last it shows a fighting spirit but it ends as if there is no end to agony...i don't know if i am interpreting it wrong..but the way i read sounds hopeless submission to bitter reality..that she fights because she has to..that living is a war to her....that its never going to be floating joy with effortless breaths..and if that's what it saddens me with sympathy and i am not surprise..

Mahima said...

You know what Shubham? You've actually grasped the real essence of what I tried to portray through my words. Literally word by word.

You description just brings out the gist of the feelings behind every word of this piece. Living indeed is a war sometimes. There are those phases in life when you don't see any hope, any source of even the slightest of joys. It's sometimes easier to give in and accept the bitter reality in such situations. I see you perceive it quite well..

Sudeep Gupta said...


an emotional upheaval or just in retrospective? Though I doubt the latter.

Mahima said...


An emotional upheaval. A reiteration of buried feelings, more like. My retrospection never comes unaccompanied by solid reasons for the same.

shubham said...

I am glad that i did feel what you were saying literally...
sometimes you really want to be understood literally...isn't it a luxury of it's own kind

Mahima said...

It is indeed a luxury if you have even a single person in life who'll understand every emotion or statement of yours, no matter what. A rare luxury too.

Gaurav Singh said...

I can certainly connect to each and every word of the poem..
Esp fourth and the last paragraph....