Thursday, March 22, 2012

Music - The antidote

I've been keeping super busy. Oh, did I just repeat what I said in my last post? I can't help it. Don't even have enough time to think up new things to write. With the college fest beginning tomorrow, lots of work is being done. And with a Haridwar-Rishikesh trip coming up (again!!) in another two days, a lot of other stuff also comprises my to-do list. Like completing college assignments and internal vivas one week in advance to avoid being marked a heartless zero in next week's internals (my college folks are known for their rules-are-rules philosophy!) So much so that I barely have time to write, read or talk to the people in my life.

Things are muddled and making me crazy. The only thing that comes to my rescue in such trying times is music. I have my ears plugged all the time I'm traveling, doing assignments or working around the house or college. It is such a relief; in fact a true delight to listen to the notes, sing along and let yourself be mesmerized.
As I usually like to emphasize, music is the antidote to everything - sorrow, distress, fatigue, tension, jitters. And of course, the perfect accompaniment to joy and celebration.

And so, here I showcase a few tracks that hold a permanent place on my playlist right now (none by Metallica, for a change). Playing on repeat. Perfect stress busters!

1. Old classic, resurfaced.

2. Beautiful memories associated with this song. Do check out! :)

3. And not to forget the super cheeky, instant cheer-me-up number. :D

Pardon me if this post deviates from my usual style. It just felt like I had to post this. :D


Sudeep Gupta said...

Since you have a taste for Guns n Roses, here's a suggest: AC/DC if u dont already. The music is awesome and they rock so hard they blow steam.

Mahima said...

Yeah, I've heard their name a lot. Just never chanced upon any track. Gotta check out now! :D

Sudeep Gupta said...

Start with Highway to Hell and Shoot to thrill! :)

Vyankatesh said...

Music - The perfect antidote. Helps us lose in time.