Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy days!

Life's hectic. I have been busy. And not the I-was-busy-so-went-missing-from-my-blog kind of busy. I really don't know when one day turns into night, and the sun shines into my bedroom window and then goes back down again the next night. It is all muddled nowadays. I almost never remember what date of the month I am living in. I somehow determine what day of the week it is by going through my schedule for the day. Haven't attended college for exactly one week now, what with Holi mass bunk and my own tiredness. Not sure if I remember what one is supposed to do there. So exhausted and drained out.

A lot is going on in life. I've started working out. Stretching, slow jogging, sharpening my long-lost Badminton skills. Takes up my evenings, twice or thrice a week. Other days it's just planning, shopping for and cleaning up the new house. Alright, it's pretty old now, given the three months since we moved in. But the final shifting of furniture and other important stuff was finished just about a week ago, so can say it is relatively new again. My days comprise of clearing out cartons and bags of clothes and filling out closets with them, setting up my books in someplace I can never find them, thinking of which cupboard or rack would go where, what color of pillow covers and doormat will suit which room, what kind of table would suit the get the drift. Spent the whole weekend scrounging for lampshades, curtains, upholstery and furniture across the length and breadth of the city. Colors, shades, angles, measurements - that is all that my mind AND my vocab seem to be filled with as I try hard to think. I'm going crazy.

But it is satisfying at the end of the day to know that you haven't left a single stone unturned in getting the best of everything to adorn your house. And to know that your opinion even as a twenty year old, believed-to-be-low-on-common-sense lost-in-her-own-world kinda girl, counts a lot in all important matters. It is a huge confidence boost for me. Plus the pleasure of finally getting to have my own INDIVIDUAL room and setting it up the way I want. Whoever said a busy life can't be exciting?

But there's so much pending stuff to do. College files, professional commitments (I am partner in a promising upcoming startup firm, more on which later), and my writing. I just have so much to write about! I've come up with as much as five different topics to blog about in the last one week. Just can't squeeze in the time. Hope to be able to find some more time for myself in the coming days, with the process of finally settling in almost underway. I'll be back with better(read:readable) stuff soon. Stay tuned!
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