Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

So...2012 is finally here. I wanted this post to be my last post of the year 2011, but what with scores of text and call wishes coming in, it took a little more time to complete, so here I am, writing my first blog post in the new year. :)

Now I am sure you'd be expecting me to write nice, mushy and full-of-hope stuff tonight. I wish. But my mind has suddenly gone blank. Can't think of anything nicer than to wish everyone a happy new year! I just hope it doesn't turn out to be the last year of this civilization. On second thought, I don't really mind even if it indeed does. I love life but I live in the present rather than in the future. Sometimes in the past too, but that is excusable, right? I just had what was perhaps the most beautiful and significant year of my life. Seeing it end makes me kinda sad. Mellow. But I am hoping to have another beautiful and eventful year ahead. :)

It's been a great year for me in all spheres of life. The start of the year saw me going through a tough phase. Mid of the year had taking some of the most decisive steps of my professional life. This year probably even shaped my whole career, so it sure has been decisive. And the end of the year has literally brought me all the happiness, peace of mind and closure I needed in life. What more could one ever want from life I wonder. It has been a year of change. And I am content with what I received, that is to say the least. And likewise, I hope this coming year brings a lot of success, prosperity, exuberance, everlasting happiness and contentment into everybody's life. Given the hype and anticipation surrounding 2012, it would be nothing if not an eventful year. But lets just hope for the best from it.

On this hopeful note, let me wish you all a very beautiful new year ahead. May it be the best year you've ever had. Stay blessed! :)

P.S. Don't forget to make some resolutions for the coming year, and work extra hard throughout the year to achieve them! You might as well break a few too, because that's what new year resolutions are made for nowadays, right? ;) Cheers!


The Furobiker said...

Happy New Year!! :)

PS: So whats your new year resolutions?

Mahima said...

To you too! :)
I have resolved this year to (a) let go of my laziness and procrastination tactics and get a grip on my commitments, and (b) Cut down on my junk food consumption. It's at an all time high. :P
You didn't take any, I assume. Right?

The Furobiker said...

nope. Enough of lying to myself! :D

Mahima said...

Hahaha...I still have some time before I reach that stage. This is in fact one of the very few times I've actually made any resolutions !