Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Blabberings

Disclaimer: Bear with me here for as long as you can. Or close the tab in my face. But DO NOT even think about clicking on the Unfollow button after reading this.

I don't have any particular agenda for writing this post. Just had some things on my mind that I wanted to write down. Quite unrelated but significant thoughts that needed an outlet. And so I've put them down here, conveniently in bullet form. :D

1. I forgot my own guest post.
Yeah, the one that I talked about here. And yes, I forgot to tell MY OWN readers that I did finally manage to write it and it got published here some two weeks ago. That was pretty silly and careless of me. I don't even know how I skipped it. Blast! Nothing's lost yet though. You can still read the post now. :)

2. The Hugh Syndrome
So, like it earlier happened with Afghanistan, my life's at it again. This time it's the name Hugh following me. It has just been appearing in front of me far too frequently for some time. It all started with my falling in love with the actor Hugh Grant, I suppose I've mentioned him more than once in earlier posts. :D
Then I happened to take a liking to another actor after watching a certain movie of his. Hugh Dancy that was. Then came in Hugh #3, Mr. Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine and more recently the Real Steel guy. I really truly have the hots for him. But then comes another Hugh, this time in the form of Dr. Gregory House from the TV series House MD. I am currently OD-ing on this medical drama, easily watching 3 episodes a day, that amounts to over 2 hours of my precious time everyday. But the point here is, the doctor in question, Dr. House, is played by a brilliant actor Hugh Laurie. Intense acting, fabulous sarcasm, highly irritating to everyone around him. Jussst perfect! :D So there we have Hugh #4. Now that's a lot of Hughs to keep track of. Not that I mind much. As I said, just had to write it all down. Anyone reading this would surely be all *facepalm* right now. :P

3. My fiction writing
I've been actively dabbling in fiction stories these days. Now that is how things go with me. For months at end I won't be able to churn out even a bunch of sensible lines, and then suddenly I'll feel inspired and end up taking up old stories I had left unfinished and completing them, only to move on to new ideas. I received predominantly positive reviews for my story Eyes to my Soul and its sequel. The subsequent parts of the story are in the pipeline, as is another story that I am presently thinking of. And I need honest and critical reviews for my stories so as to help me do better. Toh Sun lo saare aalsi people, I need comments! :P

4. The Random End
A random post calls for a random ending, doesn't it? So I'll just end with a picture a friend once mailed to me when we used to be all gaga about the TV shows FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother. It is sort of funny. And quite random in itself. Just what I needed to make this post my randomest ever. :P

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