Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eyes to My Soul - Part III

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Part III

I don’t exactly remember grasping any of the who, when, where, how that followed thereafter. I was in a daze. Losing all perspective, not knowing whether to be enraged or feel sorry for myself. Why would this happen to me, I wondered, that too finally when I had thought I’d put an end to the indefiniteness and tell her how I felt. I suddenly saw all the moments we’d spent together fly past me, dancing in stop motion. I felt numb. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Wasn’t I the one she talked 24*7 to, shared her deepest thoughts with, and liked to hang out with? Aren’t those the first signs of blossoming love? Didn’t she adore me for all my funny antics and silly flaws? Wasn’t it too obvious that we were meant to be together sooner or later? Wait. I must certainly have heard it wrong. She must’ve named me as the one she liked. That was how it went in my dreams. That was how it was always meant to be. This wasn't for real. I wished with all I possessed for this to be a nightmare and for me to wake up right then. Only, I didn’t. Because it wasn’t a dream. It was real. And I realized that this was it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Blabberings

Disclaimer: Bear with me here for as long as you can. Or close the tab in my face. But DO NOT even think about clicking on the Unfollow button after reading this.

I don't have any particular agenda for writing this post. Just had some things on my mind that I wanted to write down. Quite unrelated but significant thoughts that needed an outlet. And so I've put them down here, conveniently in bullet form. :D

1. I forgot my own guest post.
Yeah, the one that I talked about here. And yes, I forgot to tell MY OWN readers that I did finally manage to write it and it got published here some two weeks ago. That was pretty silly and careless of me. I don't even know how I skipped it. Blast! Nothing's lost yet though. You can still read the post now. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eyes to My Soul - Part II

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Part II

I remember the day she called me over for lunch. I was a nervous wreck. It wouldn’t be your fault if you thought I looked like one too. I was having almost girly jitters. In a state of part excitement and part anxiety, I couldn’t eat all day. Random thoughts kept flashing through my mind. Was I finally going to name the feelings I had for her? Would I admit them to her? Will I be able to say a single coherent word in the face of her deep crystal eyes that double up as a polygraph? Did I even have the courage to own up to my own feelings? Questions galore, answers none. I looked at myself in the mirror again and again but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Something was out of place. Was it that conspicuous blush on my face? God, I was panicking. She could easily do this (and more) to me with something as simple as an invitation to eat out.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

So...2012 is finally here. I wanted this post to be my last post of the year 2011, but what with scores of text and call wishes coming in, it took a little more time to complete, so here I am, writing my first blog post in the new year. :)

Now I am sure you'd be expecting me to write nice, mushy and full-of-hope stuff tonight. I wish. But my mind has suddenly gone blank. Can't think of anything nicer than to wish everyone a happy new year! I just hope it doesn't turn out to be the last year of this civilization. On second thought, I don't really mind even if it indeed does. I love life but I live in the present rather than in the future. Sometimes in the past too, but that is excusable, right? I just had what was perhaps the most beautiful and significant year of my life. Seeing it end makes me kinda sad. Mellow. But I am hoping to have another beautiful and eventful year ahead. :)