Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is the New Year really here?

Well, it's a genuine question. Straight from my heart. Is the New Year really here? I mean, didn't 2011 just begin? I guess not. And reality says 2012 is indeed just 2 days and a few hours away. But I was loving this year! I was enjoying probably the best days I've had over the whole of 2011. Does it have to end already? *whining* Oh, but wait. Just because the year is gonna end and we're entering a new year, doesn't mean the fun has to end too, right? I think I'm still gonna enjoy my life as much as ever. *relieved*

For now I'm just loving the extremely chilly weather and the fog that is enveloping Delhi these days. Feels like I'm back in Kashmir, with the familiar freezing of hands as I type this and the loads of layers of clothes that I'm wearing, not to miss the warm fuzzy cap on my head right now.

I am not feeling very festive right now, given that I seldom step out of the house for anything more than a pack of chips, and have no plans for shopping or partying with friends or family over the next few (many) days. So I guess it's just gonna be another boring New Year's eve at home, being forced to watch those stupid old New Year bashes on TV with those brainless celebrities shaking their booties onstage for an insane amount of money that ups itself even more insanely every year. That's the part where I get sad. Why can't a poor girl`have her Christmas pie and eat her New Year cake too?

But I am not sure I'm done on that as yet. I'll be writing again before the year ends. So for now I'll just share with you what I did this Christmas. Well, for one, I spent my day at my relatives' place, catching up with cousins and baking cookies for the first time in my life. Okay, most of the work was done by my cousin brother who's into all this cooking stuff, but I helped too! The outcome wasn't exactly fabulous, but it was good enough for us to pat our backs and declare it a worthwhile effort. Coming to gifts, I got this lovely pair of gloves in my favorite colors from my bestie Rose.

They came wrapped in a cute Christmassy paper and can be worn in three different ways. Cool eh? Yeah, yeah, I know I am bordering on pretty childish behavior there, but what the heck, it's festive time! :D

Okay so what more? What is the one thing left without which a Christmas isn't really a Christmas? Well, a Christmas tree it has to be, duh. I didn't have a chance to behold any elaborately done trees this time round *sigh* but I sure saw a little one in the Domino's joint where we had our post-Xmas lunch, bestie and I.

A pretty offbeat and makeshift kind of Christmas that, don't you think? Can't help it, it's always like that in my little part of the world. Weird people, weird things. I love my life anyhow.

Let me know what you did on Christmas! And may you all have a great time celebrating and ushering in the New Year in your own different but cheerful ways. Let the cheer spread! :)

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