Monday, December 19, 2011

Indiblogger Meet in Delhi


This interjection was meant to signify that I've finally got an internet connection at the new house. Two more days I'd have had to bear this phone internet, and I'd have died of lack of exposure to the virtual sunlight and rain. Well, that might be an exaggeration really, but you get the drift I hope.

My exams are on and I'm having a gala time doing nothing all day but eat, sleep and roam around the new neighborhood. I now understand what a thrill explorers must have derived from their pursuits of totally new places. I am having a good time exploring my humble little neighborhood. :)

Okay so I know I am late in posting about this, but yeah, I attended the HPOriginals Indiblogger Delhi meet held last Sunday at The Park Hotel, Connaught Place. And all I can say is, there could have been no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, especially when you have a major examination the very next day for which you're not in the least prepared.
The day was spent mingling with bloggers not only from all over the city and NCR, but from other cities as well. That is the kind of craze we bloggers have for our passion. There were some 150 odd people gathered for the meet, who blog about myriad topics encompassing everything under the sun, right from food, love and technology to video tutorials, photography and database of best dating websites (lol, that's true!) It was a truly inspiring and enjoyable event, with lots of discussions, fun, food and even a treasure hunt thrown in. HP, who were sponsoring the event, gave away huge number of USB flash drives and Printers, complete with a year's supply of cartridges too. How cool is that? I didn't get the printer, sadly, but won an awesome pen drive in the treasure hunt. :D I think every single person there did get at least one prize that afternoon. Now that's what we call an awesome event, isn't it?

Here are some of the snaps from the event.

(Photos courtesy: Indiblogger and their official photographer, I fail to know who)

And that's the print on the t-shirts that all the participants got as a complementary present:

As of today I'm left with only two exams to go. So the feelings of freedom and ecstasy are gradually creeping in from all corners. I am in great anticipation of the two weeks of holidays our crappy university administration has very generously decided to grant us this year round. A big round of applause for them (sic). Am really excited as to what all I'll be doing to make full use of this rare commodity called holidays. More on that once these exams get over. For now, I am really glad to announce that my guest post on FTLOFAOT, like I earlier mentioned here, is underway and will get posted within a day or two. Cheers! :)


The Guy In The Mirror said...

Quite an awesome event :D

All the best for the remaining exams :)

Stay Blessed ^_^

Mahima said...

It sure was! Thank you so much. :)