Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is the New Year really here?

Well, it's a genuine question. Straight from my heart. Is the New Year really here? I mean, didn't 2011 just begin? I guess not. And reality says 2012 is indeed just 2 days and a few hours away. But I was loving this year! I was enjoying probably the best days I've had over the whole of 2011. Does it have to end already? *whining* Oh, but wait. Just because the year is gonna end and we're entering a new year, doesn't mean the fun has to end too, right? I think I'm still gonna enjoy my life as much as ever. *relieved*

For now I'm just loving the extremely chilly weather and the fog that is enveloping Delhi these days. Feels like I'm back in Kashmir, with the familiar freezing of hands as I type this and the loads of layers of clothes that I'm wearing, not to miss the warm fuzzy cap on my head right now.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

To all my lovely readers,

A very merry Christmas!! :D

It's hard for me to believe how fast this year really went by. It seriously feels like 2011 just came and went as if it were only about a month long. That fast. But where did it go really?? I wonder. Anyway, it was a wonderful year on the whole. With an absolutely beautiful ending. I couldn't have wanted more from life. No regrets. :)

So here's something to make my blog all festive and Christmassy, in perfect synch with the spirit of the season.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Indiblogger Meet in Delhi


This interjection was meant to signify that I've finally got an internet connection at the new house. Two more days I'd have had to bear this phone internet, and I'd have died of lack of exposure to the virtual sunlight and rain. Well, that might be an exaggeration really, but you get the drift I hope.

My exams are on and I'm having a gala time doing nothing all day but eat, sleep and roam around the new neighborhood. I now understand what a thrill explorers must have derived from their pursuits of totally new places. I am having a good time exploring my humble little neighborhood. :)

Okay so I know I am late in posting about this, but yeah, I attended the HPOriginals Indiblogger Delhi meet held last Sunday at The Park Hotel, Connaught Place. And all I can say is, there could have been no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, especially when you have a major examination the very next day for which you're not in the least prepared.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What's new?

Let not the title mislead you. This news-update-kind-of-post does not mean I have run out of ideas to write about. In fact, quite contrarily, my mind's been overactive these past few days, owing a lot probably to the lack of physical exercise in my life. Yes, it is the week before my semester ending examinations, and I have nothing else to do all day but sit and think of what to study (and then study - but I seldom reach that stage) or to eat and sleep. No TV, no internet connection as of now, and no college or friends to spend some fun time with. It is mind-numbingly boring and monotonous. Days literally seem to drag on for months.

I've been meaning to write but a phone isn't exactly the kind of device I prefer to update my blog from. Feels primitive, insufficient. But it had been too long that I'd been away...had to write. So, just thought lemme start off with a few updates on what's new in this lovely month of December.