Sunday, November 27, 2011

Found an excuse!

Today was yet another of those days that I spent mentally cursing myself for not having adequate control over my own life. And such days are actually becoming more of a routine now. I mean, laziness isn't even a valid enough excuse any more for not being able to fulfill my commitments. Commitments to myself, to my friends, my readers and maybe any other commitments that I don't even seem to recall now. You see how complacent a person can be? And this is not even my upper limit.

But coming back to the title of the post - yeah I found the perfect theory to justify my being MIA again for long. I stumbled upon this blog while rummaging through random pages while on my way to those wretched weekend classes early this morning. A few lines down the page and I come across this theory that suddenly makes a lot of sense.
Check it out, in the writer's very own words:

"I have a theory. When you are about to do something, and you tell everyone about it, there are 80% chances that you would end up not doing it. Like you are going to visit the gym from tomorrow. But today you practically let the whole world know that you are going to visit gym from tomorrow. So, if the purpose of you visiting the gym was actually flaunting it to others and not physical fitness, half the job is done. It's not my theory, my dad told me this."

What I deciphered this as, is that if you go about telling people about what you're gonna do, you'll either end up not doing it at all, or if you have a will power as great(sic) as mine, you might as well end up doing it, very late though. And this was not all. He backed up this theory shortly enough with what I think of as quite a sound example(sic again):

"The theories are working. I stated that telling everyone that you are going to start something, you would end up not doing it at all. Proof:- My hidden blog is still empty."

LOL. This just set me thinking. Maybe it is because of this theory that I am being lazy these days. I should probably stop signing off from my blog every time with a promise to come back again soon. Like it happened with my Diwali post. (See! I have an example up my sleeve too!) I planned to write it the very next day after Diwali. And I ended up somehow managing to write it a week later. Not that I didn't have my exams that week. In fact, look at the irony of the situation. I couldn't write a post during the whole pre-exam preparatory leave, what with Diwali and other such stuff coming in between. But I did eventually, and that too during the exams. So basically, exams can never be the reason for a normal person to really not write. They can be a valid excuse though, coming very much in handy to explain off one's time-killing tactics, doing nothing of much consequence.

Okay. I've pretty much forgotten exactly where I started off from and what I meant to write by now. All I remember thinking is, no more anticipatory sign-offs from now on. A simple bye bye take care will have to do I guess. Please make do with that for some time my dear readers. So long as the fad lasts, or the theory lasts. It is in the interest of my blog's well being and my blogging frequency that I am making this move. Hope to see some improvement soon. Ohhh crap. There I go hoping again. Nooo! I don't hope for anything! Undo undo undo!

Hah. That feels better. :D

So folks. Have a good night. And a perfectly lazy and laidback Sunday tomorrow. I'm sure most of you (don't) deserve it. All the more reason to enjoy it! ;)


The Guy In The Mirror said...

Glad to be of service :)
take care
enjoy your Sunday
stay blessed ^_^

AzzArun said...

Someone had said, "Secrecy is the first law of Magic." Your post revolves around the same idea.
I have a different opinion. I feel that what matters the most is the underlying intention. It depends on you as well. I do not flaunt about my plans but I do share them with a selected few around me. Every coin has two sides. Some people might draw motivation from this whereas for some it might lead to 'false sense of completeness' which in turn kills the spirit to actually do the job.
There are three types of people in this world. One who would just keep on flaunting and do nothing. Second who would do everything silently. And finally there are people who would shout out about something and then make that happen. I guess I don't need to explain which one would be the most preferred. :)

P.S. Using this theory for justifying your MIA was a lame 'excuse'. And if this was the genuine reason, you need to do spare a thought on why do you write. Think about it.

Mahima said...


You got me all wrong amigo. Pata nai itna senti kyun ho jata hai tu na. :P

And this post wasn't really all that serious like you believe. Do you really think I'd justify my being MIA with something as lame as THIS? Gawd Arun. :P

Read it once again and you might spot places where I've termed it as another passing fad of mine. Buy thanks for that piece of wisdom anyhow. :)

AzzArun said...

Oops!! Did I sound so serious? Well, I actually didn't intend to. I just wanted to put my views on the theory. :)