Thursday, November 3, 2011

Colors and festivity

I return a little too late after Diwali. What to do, these examinations never seem to leave us engineering students alone! They're always, as in ALWAYS, going on. I did not even enjoy the biggest festive season of our country like I would have at any other time. But not one to regret anything in life, I come back today in full spirit to fulfill my promise of giving you a glimpse at the Rangoli I made this year. As I hardly had time or the inclination this time round, I only managed to make a simple but colorful design in the front verandah of my house. Here's a look. :)

Nothing elaborate, but it made for a nice way to welcome the festive spirit. As for the celebrations, I did enjoy the night. I lit up the whole house with candles and diyas. A friend who I was long out of touch, came over. We, that is the whole of my joint family, had a little pooja followed by dinner. Then we lit up a few, as in really FEW, crackers to carry on with the Diwali tradition from our childhood. The night again saw me trying to study a little to compensate for all the fun (and so called waste of precious study time) I had throughout the day. To no avail though, so I ended up sleeping soundly after a Diwali well-spent I believe. :)

That is all for today, as I have an exam to study for. Another post coming up tomorrow, which I've been dying to write since forever! Do tell me about the Diwali celebrations you had. :)


Rahul said...

not bad...

Mahima said...

Okayyyy...thank you!!

Rose said...

Its never too late to complement! :D

I loved the rangoli, and missed you on diwali. Short and Simple!

By the way, you were looking absolutely pretty (as always) on Diwali :D

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AzzArun said...

As Rose said it's never too late to compliment. (She spelled it wrong. :P) Anyways, the rangoli is nice. :)
I didn't know you study for exams to compensate for the time you spent enjoying something which comes once a year. :P

Mahima said...


I wonder why I'm replying so late. But first things first, *blush blush* thank you :)
And yeah, you know I missed you too!

Mahima said...


Lol. She sure did. And thank you so much. :)

P.S. You still don't know a lot about me. ;)