Friday, November 18, 2011

Angel in Paradise !

Four days of total relaxation in the Valley - the sureshot key to profound bliss.

I am in a state of full contentment right now. It's been five days since my return from Kashmir, and yet the feeling of inner peace just seems to persist. Throw in a set of amazing friends, a completely mad and awesome birthday celebration, and some temporary respite from college, and there, you have it. The perfect life.

I am gearing up to write a lot over the next few days. Actually I planned to write about my experiences while I was in Kashmir. But the sheer beauty and laidback feel of the place urged me to give up all worldly matters and just soak in the magic. So that is what I did. And now that I'm back, I have lots to say and show you. So kindly bear with me for the next few posts!

If you ask me I'll say, the entire beauty of Kashmir lies in the Chinar. Shaped somewhat like the maple leaf, the chinar can be seen all across the Valley in full color at this time.

That, in addition to the snow capped mountains of Gulmarg and the pleasant chilly weather, just beckons you to wear an extra piece of clothing and come out of doors to enjoy yourself. I guess Kashmir is the one place to be in the month of November. Whoever thought it's the off season and not the right time to visit, trust me, if you haven't seen Kashmir in the Fall, you haven't seen its real beauty at all!

This, mis amigos, is the temple in Gulmarg where the song Jai Jai Shiv Shankar from the Hindi film Aap Ki Kasam was shot. Just a random fact I got to know from regional people. :)

The Dal Lake is the most beautiful place one can visit in Srinagar. A shikara ride over the vast expanse of the lake at dusk is a truly mesmerizing experience. Watching the sun go down behind the distant mountains, searching for the unseen depths of the lake and getting lost in my own thoughts, it was a heavenly experience, truly befitting Paradise.

That would be all for today I think. I'll come back with another post very soon. A guest post for one of my favorite blogs, For the Love of Fashion and Other Things, is in the pipeline too. Keep reading! :)

(Photos courtesy my phone camera :D)


Abdul Wajid said...


A whole-hearted regards to the gentle author for expressing her joyous experience of visiting the beautiful vale of Kashmir.

I, being a Kashmiri am proud to have a visitor friend like Miss Mahima who really appreciates my homeland for the real beautiful cause.

Peace and blessings from the Paradise....

Keep the good work up,Dear Mahima...

Abdul Wajid

Mahima said...

Greetings Wajid!
Thank you so much for such wholehearted appreciation. I am gratified by your words. :)

I loved the time I spent in your homeland. It is indeed Paradise on Earth. I even found a new friend in a Kashmiri belle. People there are really warm and sweet. You are an apt example. Thank you once again. :)

Rose said...

Firstly, are you going to right a travelogue -thing about your 4 days stay? If yes, then bring it on!!

Secondly, next time you are going to Kashmir, I going there with you :D

I'm happy you have returned fully relaxed, rejuvenated and fairer. :D

Keep pouring in,

Monalisa Singh Roy said...

A wonderful account Mahima.. It really makes one long to visit the Heaven on Earth..

It's beauty has been always acknowledged by all the lucky souls who could visit this magical land and left them spellbounded..

Really, a thing of beauty is a joy forever, more so when it is also reflected by the beautiful minds of the people- reknowed for their warmth..

God Bless the Paradise and God Bless the Angels there!

Here's waiting for more of your posts. :-)

Rahul said... me too itching to go to kashmir once after reading all this...beautiful..just beautiful..

Mahima said...

You really needn't go to such lengths to mention your blog link below every comment dear. One can always reach you through the link on your commenting profile. :P
And yeah..rejuvenated and very much fairer! I'm loving it. Keep coming back. :)

Mahima said...

Thank you so much dear. Those words mean a lot. Hope to see you here more often! :)

I'd be more than glad if you decide to visit Kashmir after reading this. Trust me, it's worth many visits over. This was but just an intro, do come back for a full post on the subject, it's gonna be up soon. :)

AzzArun said...

Angel in Paradise. :D
I am so late that the *feel* would have vanished by now but I hope the memories are still fresh in your mind.
Kashmir is one place which I'd definitely like to visit someday. Been to many hill stations but not Kashmir. And your *sexy* description of the place has only added to my desire. ;)

Mahima said...


Your expert comments can never be too late. ;)
You simply MUST visit Kashmir to actually see how 'sexy' the place is. Surely worth spending a long and relaxed vacation. :)

VJ Sharma said...

I need to plan it soon now :) ... Nicely written !