Sunday, October 23, 2011

Missing in Action..!

Aren't you guys really fed up of my frequent apologies for being MIA for long durations? For the record, I sure am. It's kinda frustrating when you want to write but cannot find the time or the inspiration to do so. Now you'd say that I could write about anything if I really wanted to. But you wouldn't surely want to read random stuff about daily happenings in the life of a person as boring as I feel I am becoming these days. Or maybe you just might. But then again, the time factor also has its role to play. Anyway, here I am now. And here's to my readers to whom I promised I'll try to write twice a week - I trust you'll bear with me during all such dry spells and the upcoming exam week as well. :)

It's the weekend before Diwali. And this time round, my mid-semester exams have chosen to coincide with the post-Diwali week. Trust me, it's nothing short of a complete disaster that I foresee. What with my backache issue springing up yet again, I've been missing college and classes more than ever now. I wouldn't say I don't love doing that *smug grin* but on a serious note, I am near about clueless as to how I'll manage to get past this wall of exams that awaits me on the other side of this festive week.
Guess I'm gonna have to work real hard this time. As in REAL HARD. Anyhow, that's one hell of a boring topic I've started my discourse upon. Let's cut it short to two words - I'm screwed.

Moving on to more interesting stuff, it's three days to Diwali. Not that I'm particularly excited, as it is just another of the many festivals that we Indians celebrate, and the festivity shall pass soon, with all that is left behind, being exams. Oops, I got carried away again! So, as is NOT the custom for me, but rather a passing fad, I'm gonna try my hand at making a rangoli again this Diwali. Let's have a look at what I managed to pull off three years ago during another of those passing fads.

Not all that bad, eh? I'll post a shot of the one I make this time for sure.

Okay now onto one of my recently-developed obsessions - eyes. I have this thing for observing people's eyes. I mentally chronicle all the different kinds of eye colors and sizes that I come across. No, I don't wish to sound like a monster with a certain liking for eyes as food. It's just an obsession. My own pair is a hazel brown, and even though it is considered to be a good eye color, I somehow feel every second person in the world has brown eyes. Jet black ones are still difficult to find. And then those exotic colors like blue, grey or green. They're, as I said, exotic. Then there are so many different sizes they come in. My own bestie Rose is a Bong, with those characteristic huge expressive eyes that always make me wonder. Plus there's this particular set of eyes (or should I say no-eyes) that have caught my fantasy these days. Mainly because they reduce to mere slits and you can't see them when this certain person laughs, or so much as even smiles. It's cute, it's hilarious, but then again, it's real cute. :D

It's funny how I don't have anything to write for so long, and then when I finally sit down to write random stuff, I suddenly have so much to say that I run out of time and space. So enough of my blabbering for today. I'll just bid adieu with a promise to return with an interesting post tomorrow.

Buen día mis amigos!

(P.S. That stems from my current tryst with learning a little bit of Spanish. Google Translate all the way!)


latha vijayakumar said...

Very nice reactions. I got your blog in the Indian top blog directory. I added your link in my blog and please add mine also

Rose said...

And you call me random!!

From the beginning, you'll do well in exams, don't worry. Just try to study. ( Dadi Ma style :P). Chod na yaar, engineering k hi exams hai, ho hi jana hai XD

Moving on, I know what triggered this optic-analysis :P
I agree, eyes reduced to mere slits when a person laughs is too cute! And thanks for mentioning about my toad-eyes in such a decent manner! I'm happy now :D

And yes, it was fantastically random! Loved it :D

Mahima said...

Thank you!

Hahaha...thank you! :D
And the eye thing I know you know. But I do have this fixation with people's eyes, you know it too! And well, I'm achieving heights in randomness these days. More randomness to follow in the weeks to come. ;)