Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Call me Particular if you may!

I've been itching to write on this particular topic for a very long time. Which topic? And why particularly this topic? Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Particularity. I am very particular about some things in life. Very, as in VERY particular. Some of the things that might even make me come across as a freak to some. Just felt like writing all this down today. I don't force you to read anyway. Read if you have enough time to throw away.

1. The K Syndrome
People have this extremely annoying tendency to use "k" very frequently. Be it in text messages or on chat, the K syndrome is just plain frustrating. Add to it the SMS lingo that has been trending for the last few years. No words could possibly bring out my true hatred for it. People use it with such confidence and pride that it makes me wonder what's there to be so happy about in using such insanely shortened words? Isn't it really a mask to hide your poor spellings? And there is no consistency even in the kind of abbreviations people nowadays tend to employ. I mean, okay, abbreviations can still be justified if you don't like to type a lot. But how can you justify using mah for my? What kind of abbreviation technique is THAT?
I don't mean to offend anybody, especially none of those who are reading this right now. But It's just a personal fixation. Even I have used this SMS lingo earlier, I admit, but never shortened words more than where necessary, and then gradually left it completely. Kindly excuse me if I sound bigoted.

2. Murder of Grammar
I am very particular about the correct usage of language, be it English or for that matter Hindi or any other languages I may know. It just doesn't escape my notice if a person in front of me makes even a single trivial mistake in spoken or written language. And no, I don't embarrass people by pointing it out or correcting them publicly. That is just not me. But I feel weird inside. Not irritated as such, if the mistakes are genuine or sometimes innocent. But if you don't care to actually know the language and still love to use it, well, I don't have the right words for you. Just that, it's nothing short of purposeful murder that you're committing. Murder of language, of grammar, of my patience, and of your impression on me.

3. Value of Commitment
I value commitment. And I value people who value their commitments. I respect such people a lot. The whole point of 'committing' to something or someone is to actually carry out what you promise. If you can't, or don't really plan to do something, then why pray commit? Just to appear nice or give out a 'cool' impression? It doesn't work, at least not with me. I don't promise anything to anyone unless and until I know I shall do it. And if I do commit, I fulfill my promises to my best ability. Just another personal fixation you can say.

4. Over-Familiar People
People sometimes try to be overtly familiar or friendly towards yours truly. And to put it very subtly, I DON'T LIKE IT. I say, why pretend to be my best friend if you're really not? You don't even know me as much as you think. And here's the catch - I wouldn't mind it so much if it were to be just about a few friends. But it happens a lot nowadays! It's insane. I am not an unfriendly person, and you would know that well. But come on, isn't a person entitled to some unbreached privacy?

5. Save the Environment
I am one hell of a freak when it comes to pro-nature activities. I switch off the lights and close the taps when they're not needed. I NEVER throw stuff on the roadsides or the wrong places. If you don't like littered environs then why litter them at all? But folks just don't realize this. Even as a kid I used to keep toffee wrappers and other such stuff in my bag to throw them as and when I spotted a dustbin. And I do that till date. I even refrain my friends from doing such acts when around me - I take their wrappers away too. Little acts that go a long way in saving the environment, and making me feel good, inside.

6. Gifting Etiquette
People should really think ten times before gifting anyone anything. Are recycled show pieces and deodorants worthy enough to be gifted to friends or relatives? Weren't gifts originally meant to show appreciation for some act, or love or liking for someone? I always thought they were. Heaven knows why people don't realize that it isn't necessary to complete the formality of giving presents on birthdays and special days! Unless you really put some thought or effort in procuring the right gift for someone, the practice of exchanging presents is futile. I personally like to hand-pick presents for my loved ones. And no matter how weird or nonsensical a gift might be, I don't recycle my gifts. I like to keep them close.

7. Spreading smiles
I love to smile. Actually, the tooth-baring smile is more my thing. And I make it a point to smile at people as much as I can. Although I'm not a saint - I do not usually smile at people who are openly hostile towards me. No, wait, I sometimes even do that. But I'm working on it. There shall certainly be a day when all you can ever find me doing is smile - when I'm happy, sad, angry, frustrated, anything! How I'd love to do that - it'll surely spread a lot of goodwill in my vicinity. And I believe people look their best when they're smiling. And they stay healthier if they're happy. So for a beautiful and healthy society, I suggest everyone to smile more, and shun anger and sadness. They never pay, but happiness does, in more ways than you can fathom!

See - a picture is worth a thousand words indeed. You stand out in a crowd of random people if a smile adorns your lips. Time to take the cue, and SMILE! :)


Anonymous said...

Here's a new fan of your blog...
Let me name myself as THE ANONYMOUS ! :)
P.S- Very well written blog...great concept to pen down ! Quite creative and different...Cheers to that :D

Rahul said...

Btw,'unbreached' is a word which exists in the dictionary and is pretty much in vogue too...:-D Sorry,cudn't resist pointing thos out after reading your insistence on proper English usage...;-) Lovely post tho....Very well structured.....Keep posting..:-)

Mahima said...


I could not resist replying to you first. Hahaha...I loved to see that you pointed out my folly! :D
Actually the post editor was showing an irritating zigzag underline on that word. So I inserted a hyphen to see if it still accepted. It didn't. So I added that bracket. :P
Guess I'll remove it now, before any more gurujan point it out.
But thank you so much, indeed. For reading, appreciating, and making the effort (sadistic though) of pointing that out. :)

Mahima said...


Thank you so much. :)

Anonymous said...

It's THE Anonymous...!

Rose said...

For once, I wanted to comment first! Never mind, better luck next time. And your blog, next time is always soon! :D
Chal Mahima, for a change let's have a discussion on this here. I mean you have already said what you have to, ab meri baari. Actually I can not resist anymore to comment on every li'l point you have stated here. I so have to say so many things! XD
About the k syndrome, I was actually expecting the sms language as the broader title. "U dint fulfl mah expctns!" :P
But yes, this "k" complete with a "full stop" is capable of freaking out a sane person.

The English grammar part, I would rather stay mum on this one. I sometimes go too far on this one. I loved the last line though-murder of your impression on me-awesome!

Commitment. Period. Only if everyone would understand the literal meaning of this word. But yes, you are indeed true to your words.

Irritatingly f(r)iendly some people are! How true. Pretentious. :-/

I really hope that everyone reading you, starts practicing the same when it comes to environment. One thing I would like to point out, when she says putting the wrapper in the bag, she means in her own bag. I once had a lady(or may be a gentleman) put her/his litter in my bag. What was it, I wouldn't even want to disclose.:-/

Gifts! Seriously, giving a deo? You can tell me if I stink, you don't have to give a deo to hint that! Talking about fixations, I have this fixation of exchanging gifts. I never like what people gift me, and I end up going to the store to exchange it. :-/

And at the end, smile-it costs nothing. Even if you ain't happy enough to smile, still do it. It might bring the much needed happiness. Try it once. :)

Ps: This is called a comment blog post, just in case you are wondering what I just did :P

Mahima said...

Since there are just too many anonymous followers on my nlog now, it's quite hard to keep up with all the different labels. So my blog, my say! I'll call you as I like. :P
And since I have a pretty strong hunch regarding who you are, it's not much use commenting anonymously! :P

Anonymous said...

First things first. Mr. Anonymous, do you have any idea what being Anonymous means? Anonymous is not a name as you mentioned. Anonymous can never be a single person.
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
You should not use it just because others are using it. Wearing the mask of anonymity for putting some point which you can do publicly is absolutely fine. But the way you are using it is absolutely unjustified.


Mahima said...

Daaahlin..dat comment-blg-post ws indeed stupendous! Kp it comin! :P

I was actually not meaning to refer to the full-stop thing in that point I wrote. That one calls for a totally new post in itself.
And to most of what you said, I agree. As always. :D

And yes..thank you dear. I can always expect in-depth analysis of my posts from you. :)


CB said...

a very well structured post. excellent flow of thought as always. a true reflection of the person you are. :)

p.s. am i over-friendly? :P

Mahima said...

Thank you so much dear! And don't worry one bit. I can stand over-friendly people, only if they are not as intolerable as some people you and I know, are. :P