Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My 7 Wants

Everyone has some needs and wants in life. In my case, I just have a little more of them than others. And it's human nature to want more and more - we homo sapiens come programmed that way. No matter how well provided one may be, one's wishes never cease to exist. After all, it isn't like the Ambani scions wouldn't ever want anything from life. So if they can, why can't I?

With that I embark upon my next installment in the 10 Day YOU Challenge series, that chronicles my seven wants. Isn't that figure a little too less? I mean this is the easiest of them all. Wishes! And if you've been a regular follower of my humble blog, you would know that I have a lot of wishes in life. I usually tend to wish for something and then entirely forget about it.
And I don't mean to sound boastful, but somehow the Almighty listens to my wishes, and in one way or the other, grants them. I feel like I've got a caring hand over my head in life. But not to start with a sermon now, which I'm afraid I might, let's just record my 7 topmost wants in life.

1. Everlasting Happiness. Yes I know, that's similar to wishing for Santa Claus or an honest politician. But the header says '7 wants', not '7 realizable wants'. Why then can't I wish for the most elusive thing in the world, that is happiness forever in life? Indirectly, I wish for a stable life, peace of mind and a forgiving nature, which when together, automatically guarantee perpetual happiness in life.

2. Perfect Health. It takes a lot of courage to say this publicly to people who've hardly ever seen me, but now that I'm on a confession spree, let me just go ahead with it. I am a little overweight. A little, as in about 5-6 kgs over what I should be. That's allowable, isn't it? Ah, what a relief that was. In addition, I have this chronic ankle injury issue. It'd be enough to say that my left foot is never, ever completely healed. Every time it starts to heal, I just have another fall and end up spraining it again. So here the wish part goes - I wanna get into the pink of health, i.e. lose all that extra weight, get that glow back, and see my foot healed entirely, once and for all. That accomplished, I'll be very, very, VERY happy in life. Trust me, that foot issue is one of my life's biggest problems.

(Now for the materialistic things :D)

3. An Awesome Wardrobe. I have a certain way with clothes, and a real passion for dressing well. So it doesn't come as a surprise that I would want an awesome, loaded wardrobe with all sorts of clothes, accessories, footwear et al at my disposal. It's be like a dream come true for any girl!

4. A Great Metabolism. For the uninitiated, a great body metabolism ensures that you digest well, whatever or how-much-ever you eat, and so you don't gain weight because of eating. If only I had that, I would be able to eat a lot more than I can right now, and still look good, given that I am a complete food junkie and a person with varied tastes. I have a different kind of food associated with every single mood of mine, and the number of moods I can have is, well, innumerable. So you see where that wish stems from.

5. A Debit card with unlimited balance. I love shopping. I totally identify with the girl in Confessions of a Shopaholic. It's sheer pleasure, rummaging through shops, selecting clothes and shoes and candies and bags. But my finances being as they are, I don't get to shop much without the aid of mommy or daddy dearest. So I wish for a genie to appear and grant me a debit card with boundless money, to let me shop to my heart's content. That'll help me fulfill #3 as well. See, I am a pro at shooting two birdies with a single arrow!

6. The Perfect Partner. Now this one's a biggie, as I don't share much about my personal life or desires with anyone, especially on the World Wide Web. But continuing with the ongoing confession spree, I'll reveal my vision for the perfect partner here. It isn't very hard to guess. He must be smart, intellectual, a thorough professional in everything he does, well-dressed and soft-spoken. Has to have a SOUND English, enough to sometimes overshadow mine (believe it or not, that's a very big issue for me). Plus the personality traits of being understanding, caring, mature (more than me, to be able to understand me) and romantic are the obvious pre-requisites. Is that a little too much to ask for in a guy?

7. Love. Love of family, love of friends and the goodwill of every person I meet or get acquainted with. I believe in sharing and spreading love in any form I am capable of. It saddens and sometimes frustrates me to see people spreading ill will and hatred around them, intentionally. Unintentionally, I admit, all of us somehow or the other end up hurting other people. That's what I wish for to disappear in me - ways in which I hurt or repel people. I wish to be a more loving person, who is loved all the more in return. Not too much to ask for, I reckon.

There goes, a post that was entirely By Me, For Me and With Me (in focus). Selfish that may sound, but that's all you get today! No wishes for family, friends, world peace, blah blah. I had decided, this post is gonna be me-centered, for a change. My life, my wishes...hell yeah! \m/

I look forward to knowing your wishes in life. After all, a life is all we've got - it has got to be lived King/Queen size!


Anonymous said...

An Admirer

I so expected like every seven of those wishes on this post! A girl doesn't asks much, does she?

I mean a waistline, money, health and the perfect guy. Though I would say, I more than enjoyed the definition of the guy. It was quite picturesque :-D

Mahima said...


LOL. Now that you put it all together in such a compact way, it sounds quite predictable and obvious. Wonder why I didn't see that earlier! But it's true - this is about all a girl wants in life. :)

And the definition of the ideal guy...I haven't seen such a guy till date. Just hope to see one some day. :P

Anonymous said...


LOL!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading the post. You had previously shared how your wishes get fulfilled and I told you that you are God's most favorite angel. Time has moved ahead but things are still the same. I wish all your wishes come true (the realistic ones. Getting a debit card with unlimited balance is one thing which even Carlos Slim cannot afford. :P).
Good luck!! :)


Mahima said...


'God's favourite angel'. Every time I read that, I just smile and smile. That's reeeally sweet of you. Thank you. :)
And now when I re-read this post, I feel it's pretty funny and very girly. To think that's me. :D
I just wish my luck rubs off on you, my anonymous yet sincerest follower, and all your wishes come true too. :) Debit card wala bhi, in case you have one. :P

Anonymous said...


That was so sweet of you. Yes, I do have some wishes but I don't have the courage to share them with all. I am working on them and I am sure I'll be able to fulfill each one of them someday. :)
Thank you so much. :)

P.S. Every time you read your old posts, you find them funny. That's because you have grown up and matured. That's life. :)


Atma Ram said...

Nice one... These 7 Wants really are the dream for everyone!

Its a nice one to keep the post saved in my online content and read everyday, get inspired and do things to achieve the 7 wants....

Mahima said...


True that. :)

Mahima said...

Atma Ram,

Thank you. And that's a really novel idea, to keep the post saved so that it could drive and motivate you towards the fulfilment of your own dreams. :)

Amar said...

Given that most of the wants you mentioned are something which any girl who ask for! But there's a difference why you telling us all this is different! The way you tell things via your writing, it's almost like you're sitting in front of us and talking to us! And I guess that's a quality that not many possess! Keep it up :)

I love the post! :) And I really hope .. that whatever you want really comes to you! :)

Rose said...

One more vulgar word they give me today as a verification code, and they will have it form me. Tharki blogger wale :-/

BAck to the post, as always, its only human to want more. I was expecting a nice introduction on the difference between needs and wants, though, but your post without it is great too! :)

I have a lot to say on this, but then again, I don't want to write a blog post in the comment box ;)

Great to know what you want,I might gift you some(obviously, extracting the unsaid :P)for children's day ;)


Mahima said...


Awwwwww! Beautiful comment, lovely compliment. Thank you. :)
You know how I love talking! Since physically that isn't possible, I guess it all gets expressed in my writing. I'm glad it is liked. :)

My class teacher in 1st standard used to call me a Chatterbox. You see now, where this non-stop nonsense comes from? ;)

Thanks a ton for the wishes. :)

Mahima said...


XD. I never thought you'll feel so strongly about this post. :P
You won't believe, but I had actually phrased a whole paragraph on the difference between our needs and wants. And then, JLT, I deleted it. Not to make the post unnecessarily long I guess. I should've known. :-/

And the last line took the cake away. I'll be waiting on D-Day. Don't disappoint! :D

Anonymous said...

I think it is too late now to comment on this post on the 7 most-wished wants in life but I have just got a chance to read your so nicely written posts. Although I might sound a bit pessimist and unhappy towards life but I feel that unlimited happiness will not have any meaning in life until and unless one gets a chance to realize where our happiness actually lies and what makes it all the more enjoyable and desirable. Unlimited happiness ,don't you think,would make the life unpredictable and uninteresting altogether..........
which would eventually lead to a feeling of something missing or more specifically the feeling of the missing spice of life which in any case is never completely sweet,nor you would,I suppose, love just the taste of sweetness each and every moment.Infact you mentioned that you love spicy junk food :D