Monday, September 26, 2011

Musically Yours : The 2 Songs

How quickly time flies. It's already time for my 9th post in this series; and to think I just started it a few days ago! But like someone said to me yesterday, it's human tendency to get attached to something you happen to be associated with for some time, no matter how short. And it's difficult to let go.

But coming back to the focal point of this post, which is something I hold closest to my heart - music - I'll let you in on the two songs that come to haunt me (in a good way though) at all times when my mind is idle. Although I shortlisted at least 5-6 songs for this post, I still had to choose, and these were the two which bagged the honor:

1. When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating
I had heard the Alison Krauss version of the same song, and liked it a lot. And then there came Notting Hill, bringing with it the Ronan Keating version, that floored me completely. It's a very soft, subtle, beautiful number with a charm that touches your heart (mine, at least).
Watch the video here (ignore the little diversions in between, they're annoying but donno how and why, they're a part of the official video). And if you haven't listened to it already (seriously??), download it from here.

2. The Unforgiven II - Metallica
This is one song that never fails to amaze me. Metallica as the heavy metal pioneers don't need an introduction, and unlike what is usually expected of a girl, I LOVE them. They have this raw appeal and charisma, and I anyhow like rock and metal music a lot. Watch the video here, it's kinda weird and spooky (and awesome :D). Or download it from here. Let me know if it appeals to you! Or not.

In related news, I'm super charged right now, in earnest anticipation of the Metallica concert in Gurgaon next month. Yes, they're coming to India, and to my city, that too! Now if God's listening (oops, I mean reading), I'd like him to know that I'm hoping for someone to come up to me one of these days while I'm walking down the street, and offer me free tickets to the concert. Make it happen please, I really wanna go! *AMEN*

Now for my choice of songs. Two completely different genres, ain't they? That's because there isn't any single genre of music that I like more. I listen to them all, depending upon what my mood be at a particular moment. I eat music, even sleep music. That reminds me, did I ever mention that I'm a trained Hindustani Classical singer? Or that I like to sing more in the western genre? I think not. Anyway you know now. :)

Share your thoughts, or should I say, spread the music!

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