Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Finger-lickin' Foods I Love

So it's about food today, huh? Now that's something real fun to talk about. And unlike what you might be expecting from me right now, I'd only say five is a perfect number for listing down my favorite foods. Why? Because I am a very moody person when it comes to eating. Most of the time, hardly anything even worth being called 'food' impresses me except for candy and chocopies. But they do not qualify as food (or do they?) Although I must here mention, I have been taught since childhood to eat (and finish) anything I am served, and not to throw any tantrums about it. So that's what I do, whether I like it or not. But there are barely around five things that I really love to eat anytime, anywhere, and I enlist them here.

1. Pizza. That's a re-mention, I know, because I've already expressed my love for pizzas earlier. They qualify as my love-to-have-anytime-anywhere-for-any-number-of-days food. And it's been so ever since the time I started frequenting the Domino's near my college very regularly, though I don't remember when this love affair started.

2. Selected fruits. I love mangoes and pineapple a lot, followed by litchi and apples. But then, barring a few, I like all fruits. They're nothing glamorous or list-worthy about them per se, but they make my list of foods that I can have anytime, in almost any mood, if I'm hungry.

3. Picnik. (LOL) That's a packaged finger food I've been in love with since I was a little kid. They're tomato-ey, tangy and very tasty (don't I sound a little cheeky-salesgirl-ish, saying that?) But they're a part of my childhood that I've carried on through my adolescence into my youth, and plan to continue the tradition for as long as they are in production.

4. South Indian Delicacies. Plain Dosa, Rawa Dosa and the plain ol' Idli Sambhar - I love these like anything. I know I don't have to be so specific with the details, but what the heck, they're yum.

5. Beverages. Yes, THAT is what rounds off my list of favorite foods. Not chinese, not intercontinental, not street food/golgappe or any of those usual bleh foods. As is common knowledge by now, I love coffee. And in addition to that, I like having ice teas, juices, fruit punches, milkshakes and eclectic combinations of any or all of these. :P

If there had been an option to specify what I don't like to eat, I'd have mentioned how spicy food is a complete no-no for me. I can handle bland, sweet or tasteless, but not spicy. You see how limited my gastronomic preferences are? So much, they make for a very boring blog post I say. One would even wonder how, on the one hand I say I am a foodie, and on the other I claim to not even like many kinds of foods. What do you say? And what do you like to eat? Share with me. :)

P.S. I am a vegetarian. By choice, that too.

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