Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The End of a mini Era

I admit that was a little dramatic. But I couldn't think of a more suitable title!! In a way, these last ten days have been a mini era for my blog, and for my growth as a blogger. And at last it comes to an end today. And what could have been more apt to end it with but the ultimate glimpse at who I am? The real me? Nothing I could have thought of.

As opposed to all the previous posts where I've claimed to have had a hard time selecting what to include and what not to, it can be safely assumed that this one was the hardest. Come on, a picture of mine? On my blog? Ah yes, I should mention here (because many of my recent followers might not know it) that till some time ago, I used to blog anonymously, under the pseudonym of "Angel". Why this choice of pen name you wonder? Because some people who've always mattered the most in my life had taken to calling me by that name with love. Angel. Doesn't it bring a smile to everyone's face? It sure does to mine. :)

Now for the thing my readers have been waiting for till now. A glimpse of the person they've been reading for the last I donno how many days or weeks or even more. Here we go then!

Did I hear a laugh somewhere? Haha..well, yes, that's me. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss the hint of a hidden smirk/smile/grin/whatever that is showing behind the glass! ;)

Okay, with that accomplished, the 10 Day YOU Challenge officially and sadly enough, stands completed. I hereby declare with all solemnity and pride that I have managed to complete the challenge to the entire (I hope) satisfaction of myself and my readers. And that though I am sad it's over, I am also glad that I was able to pull it off, and super glad that it received such widespread support and appreciation. A heartfelt thanks to each and every person who has read me, ever, and to those who are gonna do so in the future - here's to you too! Cheers! :D

But with every end comes a new beginning. Of something better, or maybe something worse. In my case, I hope to start off with a good thing, now that this 10 Day YOU Challenge has come to an end. Going forward with that, I have taken a vow to blog regularly this day onward, that is, at least twice a week. It isn't very easy to manage what with college, classes, my laziness and stuff. But as the age-old saying goes, 'Where there is a will, there is a way!'

So here I am, on this 13th birthday of dear old (or young?) Google, signing off with a light heart and a wide smile on my face and a winking eye. Take care folks, and keep the feedback and love coming in! I live by it!
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