Monday, September 19, 2011

9 Loves of My Life

Time for the next confession post? Whoa. Well, here I am then, ready to share the nine loves of my life with you.

[Disclaimer: 'Loves' here do NOT imply romantic interests or alliances. Just to warn you not to let your expectations soar. :P]

1. Books. My first and last love. Ever since I learnt to make sense out of the written word, I've been a die-hard reader. When my peers were learning the alphabet, I started reading. When they moved to comics, I was onto the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drews. I guess you get the picture. Even today I always carry a book or an e-book with me wherever I go.

2. Movies. They always keep me hooked, even when sometimes books or TV tend to lose their charm. I watch a movie when I'm sad, happy, bored, or if there's an exam coming up and I wish to escape its preparation. In fact I just got off the laptop after watching one.

3. Hugh Grant - the one actor I absolutely adore (besides, of course, SRK). In spite of all those funny faces and noises he makes, or the fact that he's over 51. A friend of mine even compared him to Jim Carrey. Bleh. I still love him.

4. Domino's Pizza. That's a pretty recent one on the list of my top loves. It would suffice to say that I could survive on their pizzas, with some garlic bread and pastas thrown in sometimes, for as long as I had to. But alas, if only wishes were horses.

5. My city - Delhi. I was wondering today, how it'd feel to relocate to some other city or another country. And the first thing that popped up in my mind was that I'll miss this city. For all of its so-called rude and indifferent ways and the traffic and pollution, I love it and cannot live far from it for long. That said, I think I'll dedicate a whole new post to describe my love for Delhi.

6. Animals. Let's just say I'm a little more partial to dogs (I adore them like anything!) but I love all of them - cows, birds, monkeys, tigers, all! I used to feed and play with wild cats in my verandah as a kid, once even housed a little injured puppy. If only mom allowed me, I'd keep a whole fleet of dogs at home. Such a lovely prospect!

7. Coffee! How could I forget that! I am a coffeeholic. And a good coffee-maker too, or rather trying to be one. Love to come up with new ways to prepare it. Ah, a true gastronomic delight!

8. Monuments and history. They transport me to another world altogether. And with my city being replete with centuries old monuments and gardens and a long history behind each of them, it's a blissful existence for me.

9. I reserved this last but most important slot for all those people/things that make me who I am, and whom I love the most - my parents, my extra-huge family and all the fun gatherings we have (they're awesome), my few friends who've always proved to be a true blessing in my life, music(it's ingrained into my very existence) and a special slot for my best friend Rose. She makes life worth wishing for a thousand rebirths.

Of course I cannot cover all my life's loves here, as they are way too many. The ones I mentioned above just make the top nine. Everybody has a long list of the things/people they love, cherish or cannot live without. I'd love to read about yours. Do share them below! :)

(This post is a part of The 10 Day YOU Challenge I earlier mentioned taking up.)
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