Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 3 *sigh* Movies I Love

Being an absolute movie addict and still having to choose only three movies that I love the most is what makes me sigh above. Come on, it's so hard to not love a hundred movies at the same time! Movies are my friend, confidante as well as my punching bag. No matter how hard I work all seven days of the week, given my college, assignments, frequent exams and weekend classes, my week still doesn't conclude unless and until I watch at least 3 to 4 (sometimes even more) movies. That is how much I love 'em.

Coming back to the point, here's a list of the three movies that first came to my mind when I thought about writing this post.

1. Pursuit of Happyness
The most classic movie ever! No words to describe reduces me to tears, every single time. The father-son bonding shown by real-world father-son duo is to die for. Jaden Smith as a kid will take your heart away (and never return it :P). And Will Smith is, well, Will Smith. He needs no introduction.

2. Notting Hill
Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in a beautiful love story. Things never got better for the mush-lover in me. Oh yeah, completely forgot to mention, I am an extremely mushy person at heart. And that shows in my choice of favorite movies. Anyhow, this one's a lovely movie, worth a watch for everyone.

3. You've Got Mail
I've watched this flick like 5 times by now. The first time was when I was around 16, on HBO, and I instantly loved it. I guess that love sort of never ebbed. Meg Ryan is the ultimate mush-girl of her time, and Tom Hanks somehow looks very convincing in this one. Give it a dekko!

As the days go by and the numbers keep decreasing - 10 secrets, 9 loves, 8 fears, 7, 6, 5, 4 and now 3 movies - I start to despair. I was kind of attached to this series, which for a change was all about me and very intimate details about my own life and choices. and now that it's shortly going to come to an end, feels weird letting go of it. Have you ever felt this way about something? Let me know your thoughts. :)

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