Sunday, September 18, 2011

The 10 Secrets of My Life

Have I seriously taken up a challenge that requires me to disclose TEN well-kept secrets of mine to the world? Wow. I’m certainly turning too brave for my skin.
Well then, here are the 10 secrets that I’m gonna share with you today.

1. There are many of those times in my life when I get a severe attack of inferiority complex. From anyone – be it a good looking or well dressed girl I see, or an intelligent classmate, or just a fellow musician or guitarist. I can’t help but feel low, thinking how bloody useless a person I am. My friends won’t share my views on this matter though. Precisely why it’s a guarded secret of mine. :P

2. I am a trained Reiki healer. Well yes, I am, thank you.

3. I used to write poetry as a child, in fact even till a few years back. What makes this a secret is that I never show my poetry to anyone, as it is too personal and close to my heart. Most of my friends wouldn’t even know I write anything except a blog.

4. I’ve virtually been best friend-less for most of my growing up years. The one who was there for the longest time was, well, anything but a best friend.

5. I cry. Yes, that might sound like a very normal thing for any common person to do, but according to most people who know me, I am not one who would ever cry. Seriously they believe that! A few days ago I accidentally mentioned to a friend that I was in a bad mood and I cried, and he was like – WTF! Tu roti bhi hai? That hit me like a meteorite. So friends, know it - I do cry, and much more than you would ever think!

6. I listen to depressing songs. The soft, sad Westlife kind. Or the yelling-shouting Metallica and Evanescence kind. But not the usual lovey-dovey, happy songs I should be listening more to.

7. I was an absolute teacher’s pet in school. Not in the least intentionally, trust me on that. Yet I was like the apple of every teacher’s eyes. And from I got to know recently, most of my classmates hated me for that. LOL

8. I am a lazy person. Even moving from my place to fetch stuff from across the room is a task for me. My parents are fed up of my laziness and of telling me to work out and shed a few kilos. Hard luck there, I say.

9. I am prone to depression. Why, how, when etc is not gonna be part of this confession. But I literally struggle to pass days sometimes, without touching rock-bottom. Sure there are bright sunny days too. But scant and far-spaced.

10. I am freaking out right now. Half of the things I’ve just confessed were not supposed to be said. But now that the cat is out of the bag, I feel a hundred tonnes lighter. But I fear the consequences. God save me now. :P

With that, the first installment of the 10 Day YOU Challenge is done. And within this one day, I have managed to convince another friend of mine to take the challenge with me. Waiting for more daredevils to come forward! ;)

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